Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Alas, poor Cunliffe.


Little did I know that my archives on David Cunliffe would ever prove useful again. Who ever again would want to warm their feet there?

Yet today we discover the man of whom no-one shares a higher opinion than himself is retiring to spend more time with his poetry. (He is Harvard.)

Never again, we hope, will an ego so big it has its own gravitational field spend so much time achieving so little. Next election, Mr 24% will retire into well-deserved obscurity. Never again can we exchange quips placing a cat’s arse and a Silent T in the same sentence. Never again will we hear words from Brian Edwards like “brilliant,” “intellectually brilliant,” and “by far Labour’s most accomplished debater in the House and on television and radio.” Never again can Chris Trotter deify from his knees the man who “has never shied away from the challenge laid down in John Bunyan’s classic protestant hymn “To Be A Pilgrim.”

I wonder if Theresa Gattung will be downing a quiet champagne?

To be continued


  1. Retire he may but we are still paying for the useless fool - a life long reward at other's expense for being hopeless.


  2. It is indeed the end of an era. Silent T was very entertaining in the run up to the 2014 election, but I have high hopes for Angry Andy in 2017.


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