Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Blog stats for October ‘16


You can tell it’s already November because they’re playing Christmas songs in the shops down in Dominion Rd below my office. So horrifying as that is, it reminds me it’s time to post my October blog stats before I spend too much time celebrating Slient T’s retirement. Here’s the broad overview:


I started posted my blog stats here again a few months ago because a few donors were asking. (How do you become a donor? A question that deserves an answer: So here’s your PayPal link.) Now just above is what Google says my stats are for last month, whose stats system seems to capture many of the readers using RSS feeds and the like. (And I’ll happily take a figure suggesting over 100,000 page views per month!)

Statcounter has the more sober figures here:


Nice spike there. That shows how effective just one reader recommending a post on Reddit can be! (So get to it, readers.)

So anyway, if you’re wondering about the reach of NotPC, you have two ways above by which to measure it. (And if you’re thinking that’s pretty good and want to encourage it, then why not head to the PayPal link on the r.h. sidebar and say so.)

Now, here are Statcounter’s figures for the months just finished:

Unique visitors [from Statcounter]: 54, 200 (up from 41,4670 last month)
Page Views [from Statcounter]: 70,930 (up from 58,159 last month)

Any questions? 

Here’s one. Where would that place me among NZ’s political blogosphere?

Well, neither Whale Oil, nor Public Address make their own figures public – for reasons, they say, due to the advertising they smear across their sites. But based on my Statcounter figures NOT PC would comfortably be the fourth-most read blog in the only place that records NZ blog rankings behind Kiwiblog, the Daily Blog and the Double Standard– and with way fewer ads than all those other scum buckets. (Although the blog-ranking system uses SiteMeter, which I don’t.)

So: fourth-, fifth-, or sixth-most popular blog. Not a bad rating.

And here’s what Google says were the Top Ten Most-Read Posts in the month of October:

  1. Why Mises “should be awarded an immediate posthumous Nobel Prize indeed, more than one”
  2. John Key has an unbelievable solution for affordable housing
  3. Backpacker murder exposes immigration laws promoting exploitation
  4. Bible ‘science’
  5. Clarke and Dawe: ‘The Presidential Race is Beautifully Poised’
  6. Quote of the Day, for World Architecture Day
  7. The bubble-covery in two graphs
  8. The Intellectual-yet-Idiot
  9. So what's going on with this couple?
  10. “Yes, reopening the investigation looks bad"

And these seem to be the Top-Ten Sites and people that sent people here, in order:

Reddit, No Minister, Facebook, Kiwiblog, Lindsay Mitchell, Gus Van Horn, Interest.Co.NZ, NZ ConservativeLife Behind the IRon Drape, Real Good Name, Twitter, Samizdata, and (Thank you all. And thank you too Leighton Smith.)

So in summary, things are still going moderately well, and the blog is still a force in the thinking world. (A unique force in NZ’s thinking world, I humbly suggest.) So if you want to donate to help keep that going, please do be my guest at that Pay Pal link above!)

Either way: Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading, linking to and talking about NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell

PS: Now, for the geeks…

they’re reading Not PC here:


Because what else would you be doing in Andhra Pradesh than visiting Not PC to read about ‘Plot, Character & Great Drama’?

top countries/territories
NZ 63%; US 15%; Australia 5%; UK 2.7%; Canada, 1.1%; France, 0.9%;  India, 0.8%; Germany, 0.7%;
… top cities
Auckland 30%; Wellington, 8.1%; Tucson, 5.8%, Christchurch 5.5%; Hamilton, 2.5%; Tauranga, 1.6%; Palmerston North, 1.3%;  Whangarei, 0.6%; Brisbane, 0.6%; Hastings, 0.5%; Bangkok 0.5%;  Melbourne, 0.5%
… readers' browsers
Chrome, 33%; Mobile browsers, 33%; Firefox/Flock 9.6%; Tablets, 8.1%; IE Explorer 6.4%; Safari 5.5%
readers’ OS
Mobile, 33%; Win 10, 20%; Win 7 18%; OS X 9.5%; iOS, 6.4%; Win 8.1: 4.4%; Win XP, 1.7%; Android 1.6%…. …platform
desktop, 59%; mobile, 33%; tablet, 8%
…device manufacturers (mobile & tablet)
Apple, 63%; Samsung, 21%; Huawei, 5.7%; Google, 2.6%; HTC, 1.3%; LG, 1.3%; Sony Ericsson, 1%
… readers’ screen sizes
360x640, 36%; 1366x768, 20% ; 1920x1080 18%; 1440x900, 7%; 1600x1200, 6%;



  1. Well done Peter. You're doing a great job in getting the right ideas out there in the mainstream.

    1. Thanks Mark. I really appreciate all your comments and observations too. Always helpful.

  2. >That shows how effective just one reader recommending a post on Reddit can be!

    You're welcome..

    1. I do appreciate it. As you can see, it doesn't go unnoticed. :-)


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