Thursday, 1 October 2015

World’s most libertarian sport: Grand Final this Saturday! #AFLFinals

Yes, folks, instead of just watching NZ push around the fatties from Georgia this weekend, you get to enjoy the Grand Final of the world’s most libertarian sport, the culmination of the AFL year!

Watch it live on Skysport, on TVNZ’s Freeview 13, on WatchAFL, or you can get down to one of functions in NZ’s main centres where there’ll be bar tabs, BBQs and drink specials throughout the afternoon.

Wellington: Five Stags, Dixon St, Wellington
Christchurch: Redwood Tavern, Redwood.
Dunedin: The Terrace Bar, 6 The Octagon, Dunedin.

And in Auckland, you can join me and Auckland’s AAFL clubs at The Empire Tavern:

Tickets are available on the door, or through your local AAFL club.

See you at The Empire



West Coast v Hawthorn
Saturday, October 3, 5.30pm NZT at the MCG

TV Coverage begins, 3.00pm on the following channels:

TVNZ POP-UP. Freeview Channel 13

Sky Sport 3

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