Thursday, 1 October 2015

Deluded, deranged, defeated [updated]

If you’re feeling a little aggrieved that I’ve had to apply comment moderation here for only the second time in the blog’s ten-year history, settle back and understand the reason why.

By way of example, and frankly for your own reading amusement, I have to share with you just some of the bleatings of madness—i.e, just a few of the many, many interjections from one particular loon posting from L.A. over the last two weeks who’s been commenting continually, spamming the comments (or trying to), with no hope of the spam ever rising to the surface and being published. (White supremacists can publish their trash elsewhere without me providing them with a megaphone.)

You have to laugh, really. But as entertained as I have been by the bile, it’s still annoying for you lot to have to endure the moderation until the loathsome loon decides to linger no longer. In the meantime be entertained while being simultaneously repelled ….



Similar to Redbaiter’s bile when he came here on a tear a year or so ago, but not even half as entertaining. And that’s just a small part of a couple of week’s worth of lunacy now sitting in my spam filter, most of it emanating from this entity in Irvine, California:


UPDATE: Just some of the droppings from this morning’s sackload of shit . . .



  1. No need to apologise, I don't have time for reading crap, and if there is too much of it in the comments, I just don't bother reading any of them. (That, by the way is how I deal with the "No Minister" blog's trolls.)
    I don't believe freedom of speech is an issue here, it's your blog after all.

    B Whitehead

  2. How easy it is to wind up the unhinged, it means it is worried, until its carer comes round.


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