Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Morning Ramble, 2.10.15

Auckland drivers shut out by new builds, new council projects. Drivers can get stuffed, says council.
Aucklanders told to ditch cars as huge CBD build nears – STUFF

“’But I believe being a Maori in Enzed is a more negative experience. All that compulsion to live by the myth of whanau, hapu and iwi. Ask many Maori who have moved to Australia; they'll tell you living as an individual is infinitely better. If I was a benign dictator I'd pack every Maori off out of the country so they could realise what a wonderful thing it can be to be Maori and Kiwi and individualistic at the same time. Many of our Maori leaders have to invest in this potential and step away from the Champagne tap.’”
Alan Duff rides again – LINDSAY MITCHELL

“It looks like New Zealand's version of three-strikes for criminal offending is working. Here's Graeme Edgeler's analysis…”
3 Strikes – Eric Crampton, OFFSETTING BEHAVIOUR 

“The rest of the world seems to be trying to ignore it, but slowly and surely the United States of America, until recently leading the charge in the war on drugs, is legalising marijuana possession. Twenty states, from Alaska to Vermont, have already decriminalised adult cultivation and use of cannabis.
    “If Kaikohe businesswoman, community leader and mother Kelly van Gaalen knows about this, I'm sure she would have had a wry chuckle to herself about the irony of it all as she was taken away to begin her two-year sentence for possession of cannabis for supply...
    “Meanwhile, back in the US, guess what hasn't fallen in? That's right - the sky.”
Our weed ban is simply dopey – Paul Little, NZ HERALD

“Is Council’s position really that pool owners should have fewer rights than criminals?”
Swim – Eric Crampton, THE SAND PIT

“Those damn Chinese. Coming over here. Taking our jobs. Driving up house prices. And... you know... donating $10 million to cancer research!”
$10 million gift for cancer research in Auckland – AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY

“Recent data prompt economists to warn Australia may be ripe for first recession in 24 years.”
Is Australia Sliding Into Recession? – WSJ

“The early weeks of a world cup are like a Monkees album. There’s some classics all right, but plenty of filler too. Before it gets better, here’s what’s happened in the first fortnight… The hosts were as tentative as an Englishman trying to get a French waiters’ attention … and South Africa looked as organised as Alan Donald running a quick single.”
Rugby’s coming home, and potentially leaving again quite quickly - SPORTREVIEW.NET.NZ

“An error in the promotional materials means the All Blacks will have to perform a haiku before each of their remaining matches in the Rugby World Cup. Cup organisers apologised for the mix-up, but said consumer protection rules meant their hands were tied.”
Typing error means All Blacks will perform pre-game haiku – EVENING HAROLD

Immigrants breeding more kids who will soon take over the country!!!! Well, not in Sweden at least.
Childbearing among foreign born – before and after migration to Sweden – SCB STATISTICS SWEDEN

Top country of origin by state and year.” And now, with interactive map!
From Ireland to Germany to Italy to Mexico: How America’s Source of Immigrants Has Changed in the States, 1850 – 2013 - PEW RESEARCH CENTER

He’s wet, he’s not funny, but with “millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.”
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Migrants and Refugees – DAILY MOTION


West Berlin policemen and East German soldiers face each other after a young girl made it across the border, 1955. By conservative logic, she should've been forced back to East Germany because she could've been a communist…

Humans without borders …

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“Irrational regulation and green posturing are the real causes of the Volkswagen debacle.”
VW: a panto of green politics - Paul Seaman and James Woudhuysen, SPIKED

Fake markets are easy to scam, because no one really wants or cares about “the product”.
“Green” cars cause real pollution, and now scamming fuel economy too. Half the CO2 “cuts” are imaginary. – JO NOVA

“The Turing Pharmaceuticals scandal tells us very little about capitalism, but it does tell us a lot about the perverse incentives that regulation can create.”
Bad Regulations Create Inequality, Hurt the Poor, and Reward Unethical Business – Will Wilkinson, ANYTHING PEACEFUL

“Ann Coulter, twit.”
She Said What? – P.J. O’Rourke, WEEKLY STANDARD

“One of America's greatest novelists predicted Trump 80 years ago .”
It really can happen here: The novel that foreshadowed Donald Trump’s authoritarian appeal – Malcolm Harris, SALON

"It is the power of the human mind, especially in science and engineering, that has brought about the benefits of our modern world. Yet where are the parades, the speeches before Congress, and the celebrations that recognize the sources of such benefits and encourage reason and achievement as foundational values in our culture? Why do so many seek hope in faith and otherworldly miracles when real achievements—“miracles” of the human mind—are all around us? Why do so few understand that training minds and encouraging entrepreneurship is the best way to ensure a healthy, prosperous future? With all the enthusiasm we see for the Pope, where is the enthusiasm for the actual creators and achievers in our world?"
Pope Francis vs. the Cure of Reason – Ed Hudgins, SOLO

“Few Latin Americans have enjoyed the economic freedom that Pope Francis prefers to denounce.”
Show Me the Way to Poverty – Dylan Pahman, OIKONOMIA

“The power of market transactions makes all the difference in lifting people out of poverty.”
Putting a human face on economic freedom in South Africa – ATLAS NETWORK

"There is increasing speculation that Uber’s long-anticipated initial public offering could be valued at $100 billion, a value that has been created by undercutting the prices of traditional taxis and offering more and better service. If that’s how much wealth can be generated just by rediscovering the laws of economics in this one narrow area, think what could be accomplished if we do it for the economy as a whole.”
The Free Market: It's Like Uber, But for Everything – Robert Tracincski, THE FEDERALIST

“Barriers like these make it harder for people to find jobs and build new businesses that create jobs, particularly minorities, those of lesser means and those with less education.”
License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing – I.J.

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Yes, this is what history demonstrates.
Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data – GUARDIAN

All too frequently forgotten.
The Human Cost of Socialism – Richard Ebeling, GUS VAN HORN

““Many people, without thinking about it, like the corporate tax because they think it is a tax on greedy billionaires. In fact, the corporate tax is paid by consumers in the form of higher prices and by workers in the form of lower wages and fewer jobs. It results in less investment in new plants and equipment and fewer new goods and services — which is why most tax economists view it as a bad tax. Investors are also hit by the corporate tax, but they have many options, including investing elsewhere or just consuming their savings, which hurts economic growth and future job creation.”
Global Tax Bullies – Richard Rahn, CATO

F. A. Hayek and the peculiar problem connected with what we call capital…
Pure Theory of Capital (excerpt) – F.A. Hayek, GOOGLE BOOKS

The Drip, Drip, Drip of Human Progress – Marian Tupy, CATO

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“My love of fossil fuels comes from a very deep love of human achievement and human life.” Alex Epstein talks to Stefan Molyneux:

“For the true believer, it is too awful to even consider that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology could be exaggerating global warming by adjusting figures. This doesn't mean though, that it's not true.”
You don't know the half of it: temperature adjustments and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology – Jennifer Marohasy

"The science is in…"
Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat – James Taylor, FORBES

“Paul Ehrlich’s apocalyptic rhetoric was dealt a crushing blow by economist Julian Simon who argued that humans are not only mouths to feed, but also hands to work and brains to think up new solutions. Prior to the emergence of humanity, Simon and others had long pointed out, the Earth was replete with fertile soils and hydrocarbon and mineral deposits, but there were no resources. It was human action that turned otherwise useless physical stuff into valuable things, a process that could go on forever as it was ultimately powered by the always renewable and expanding human intellect. Creative and entrepreneurial populations could thus grow almost indefinitely as, building on past advances to which they added new ideas, they would find ever better ways to feed themselves and improve overall standards of living. Any notion of natural limits or “carrying capacity” was therefore nonsensical.”
No limits to growth – Pierre Desrochers & Vincent Geloso, FINANCIAL POST

"... what if there were a dataset of temperature that was so well done, so scientifically accurate, and so completely free of bias that by its design, there would never be any need nor justification for any adjustments to the data?
Such a temperature record exists, it is called the U.S. Climate Reference Network, (USCRN) and it is also operated by NOAA/NCDC’s (NCEI) head administrator.
”But while publicly accessible, this data is never promoted by NOAA or any other government organization, never mind the IPCC.
All datasets used to "prove" man-made global warming ignore this data completely and 99% of the data they are based on have been "adjusted" and "homogenised" repeatedly, each adjustment further showing increased warming trend.”

Hank Rearden is Korean. His name is Hansoo Kim.
Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium – POPULAR MECHANICS

“With a troubled past, Cambodia’s bustling capital is today a naturally occurring marvel.”
Phnom Penh, City Interrupted – Kris Hartley, THE DIPLOMAT

On its face, sounds worryingly like Conrad Black's disgraceful love note to FDR. Review however suggests this book has real meat.
Niall Ferguson’s ‘Kissinger. Volume I. 1923-1968: The Ideal­ist’ – NEW YORK TIMES

“This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the publication of the Danish cartoons that sparked a crisis and a discussion on the importance of free speech. ARI champions the unconditional right to the freedom of speech. Read more about this crucial right …”
Freedom of Speech: We Will Not Cower – Onkhar Ghate, VOICES FOR REASON

“Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain: planners to financiers, cadres to foot soldiers, ideologists to cheerleaders.”
The evil empire of Saudi Arabia is the West’s real enemy – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, INDEPENDENT (UK)

“At the United Nations two days ago, Obama said waging war against such terrorist groups won’t accomplish anything. “Ideologies are not defeated with guns,” Obama told UN delegates. “They are defeated by better ideas — a more attractive and compelling vision.” What happens if the ideology is openly and consistently committed to violent actions against others who do not agree?”
Peace Through Weakness Will Never Work – Michael Hurd, DR HURD.COM

“Dear anarchists,
Please stop asking me to go the Mises Institute to learn about anarchism.
Justin Templer”

image“The driving force of the market is not material; it is a product of the individual human mind.”
Mises in the Digital Age – Jeffrey Tucker, F.E.E.

If you could wave a magic wand and make one or two policy or institutional changes to brighten the U.S. economy’s long-term growth prospects, what would you change and why? That was the question asked to the 51 contributors to this volume.”
Reviving Economic Growth: Policy Proposals from 51 Leading Experts – CATO STORE

“At this point 15 years ought to count for something. After all, we have now used up one-seventh of this century. So you can’t say its too early to tell what’s going on or to identify the underlying trends.”
15 Years Of Stimulus—–Nothing To Show – David Stockman, CONTRA CORNER

“The recent debate surrounding Fed policy is whether or not they will start to ‘normalise’ interest rates by beginning with a rate increase ...  I contend that this debate is somewhat moot, especially once the market has initialled a waterfall selloff.”
Why the Fed can’t stop the next market crash – Gregg Jamke, TAO MACRO

“[The debt load] is not manageable at all, because thanks to Yellen and her merry band of money printers, we are not paying the true cost of the debt. This year, it’s $230 billion on $13 trillion of public [debt]. That’s 1.75%. That’s ridiculous. When it normalizes – which it will someday – we’ll be paying $400-500 billion more at a minimum. So I blame the Fed. The Fed is the number one culprit in this whole fiscal paralysis, because it’s told all the politicians, ‘You can kick the can, you can dodge the bullet.’”
The US Is a “Fiscal Titanic” with the Fed as Captain (Video) – SCHIFF GOLD

“Newly printed money. Of course. When isn’t that the answer? Adding water to milk does not produce more milk. It only produces the illusion of more milk.”

Time for a recap …
Who caused the global financial crisis? An inconvenient truth. – Vinay Kolhatkar, NOT PC
Why The Glass-Steagall Myth Persists – Yaron Brook & Don Watkins, FORBES
“We didn’t see the economic collapse coming.” Yeah right. – NOT PC
The Governor resigns. Not before time. – NOT PC
The Global Financial/Economic Crisis: The True Causes And Only Long Term Solution – David McGregor, NOT PC
The Illusion of Wealth: Ludwig von Mises on the Business Cycle – NOT PC
As good as gold? Or as bad as paper – NOT PC
“Let Me School You in My Austrian Perspective” – NOT PC
What You Must Read About the Great Depression – David Gordon, MISES DAILY

“The natural rate of interest is a rate that emerges in the market as a result of borrowing and lending activity and governs the allocation of the economy's resources over time. The neutral rate of interest is a rate that is imposed on the market by wisely chosen monetary policy and is intended to govern the overall level of economic activity at each point in time. Exploring this distinction and its implications can go a long way toward understanding the current state of Federal Reserve policymaking and the difficulties that a central bank creates for the market economy.”
Natural and Neutral Rates of Interest in Theory and Policy Formulation – Roger Garrison, MISES DAILY

“In the more heavily regulated industries, costs are skyrocketing. In other industries, costs are falling, sometimes at ridiculous paces: Think USB drives. Technology naturally pushes costs down, while the Federal Reserve pushes them up.”

Surveys the ills of government-run schools, shows the general superiority of private schools, and zeros in on the reason for the difference.
The Educational Bonanza in Privatizing Government Schools – Andrew Bernstein, THEOBJECTIVESTANDARD.COM

“I choose a Montessori school for my son almost as an act of faith. At that time my knowledge of the method was null, besides having heard of small chairs and colored beads. But seeing my son happy day after day encouraged me to study and deepen the Montessori’s ideas. What I had discovered astonished me as a father and as a scientist. As a father, I found how children are really respected and prepared for the future. As a scientist, I found solid scientific foundations for everything Maria Montessori proposed.”
Montessori, why not? – MARIO VALLE

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture: Green Design Before Its Time

“The Building Grows Out Of The Landscape As Naturally As Any Plant; Its Relationship To The Site Is So Unique That It Would Be Out Of Place Elsewhere." —Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture: Green Design Before its Time – Casey Neal, BRITTON BLOG

“Find out more about Frank Lloyd Wright with these additional resources…”
Modern Home Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright – INTERIOR-DELUXE

“In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty such as ours, fine art can provide emotional fuel to sustain positive, life-affirming, universal, humanistic values. Because all art acts as a shortcut to our most fundamental premises (whether good, bad, rational, or irrational), it possess irresistible vitality and puissance for both immediate “gut” impact and lasting resonance.”
Romantic Realism: Ideas and Emotions in Art – Alexandra York, NEWSMAX

“Every town has a dozen guitarists or bass players that could play in a top group, but circumstances didn’t work that way. You're better off engaging with the thing for the reason you want to do it, because the universe will give you what it wants. You better be putting your belief into something that’s meaningful and sustainable, which is your relationship with yourself."
"Talent Is Vastly Overrated": Billy Childish's Anti-Guide to Succeeding in the Art World – ARTSPACE

Summer is here! From eating hamburgers to getting rid of pesky ants, this video will make you smack your forehead wondering why you didn’t know these things before.
Ants Ruining Your Summer? Watch How EASY It Is To Get Rid Of Them!  - METASPOON

Philosopher Leonard Peikoff presents the essentials of Ayn Rand’s philosophy to a group of students, then answers their questions. Peikoff, who was Rand’s friend and associate for three decades, is the author of Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand -- 42-minute lecture followed by a 33-minute Q&A session.
Questions and Answers:
0:45:21 Q&A#1: How can selfishness be compatible with respecting other people's rights?
0:48:09 Q&A#2: Does the term "objective" have different meanings?
0:50:17 Q&A#3: Who would regulate the economy under laissez-faire capitalism?
0:54:53 Q&A#4: Are people programmed by the culture they are raised in?
0:57:57 Q&A#5: What will happen to the needy under capitalism?
1:02:55 Q&A#6: Does government have a role in disease control and education?
1:06:11 Q&A#7: Who would fund medical research if government didn't?
1:08:35 Q&A#8: How do you know that reason is the only means of knowledge?
1:11:27 Q&A#9: In what sense is religion opposed to morality?
1:14:05 Q&A#10: Can our senses fool us, as in the case of optical illusions?
1:15:15 Q&A#11: Why do virtues have to be practiced consistently?

At Massey University, when they say “free stuff” what they mean is “paid by students to pass the class.”

For those about to party, we salute you.
AFL Grand Final Overseas Party Finder – AFL


  1. I love Wright's Taliesin West.I'd not see it before.

    (Significant quote from Duff, also.)

  2. ““Many people, without thinking about it, like the corporate tax because they think it is a tax on greedy billionaires. In fact, the corporate tax is paid by consumers in the form of higher prices and by workers in the form of lower wages and fewer jobs. It results in less investment in new plants and equipment and fewer new goods and services — which is why most tax economists view it as a bad tax. Investors are also hit by the corporate tax, but they have many options, including investing elsewhere or just consuming their savings, which hurts economic growth and future job creation.”
    Quote of the day from CATO's Richard Rahn
    Doesn't really emphasize the dead-weight cost of any tax

    An old link that is still relevant that you might like to read, by Daniel McCaffrey
    {The CAPTCHA identify pictures is getting rather hard for this human}

  4. "Conservative logic": The issue is not immigrants. The issue is Muslim immigrants during a time of war. A context that is consistently blanked out.


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