Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dalian Shide stadium - NBBJ

1253026397-dalian-stadium-05-528x332 This is the sort of stadium Auckland might have passed up when the politicians elected instead to do up the old dive at Eden Park, instead of making something new and exciting on the edge of the domain.

1253026360-dalian-stadium-01-528x332 Here’s a proposal for a new type of stadium altogether, one for a garden site in China that is “more than just an impressive skin wrapped around an ordinary seating bowl.”


Conceptually, the new stadium is created out the of existing gardens, with the garden folded up to form the outer skin with the seating and sports “bowl” suspended within.  1253026306-dalian-stadium-diagram-01-folding-land-528x387

_Quote The reclaimed site captures a new place in the city [says the architects], with spectacular views across the ocean and out to the mountains and center city. Growing from this new coastal park, the design proposes that the land is folded open to create two garden walls, which support the venue, inserting the bowl between them. The walls become iconic elements, creating a strong and visually striking support system while leaving the ends open to connect the event inside to its urban context on the outside. The roof is a flexible system of cables and fabric to protect the fans from the elements, beautiful and unique, fluttering overhead.


A great place to watch a game of footy.


  1. the drunken watchman10 Nov 2010, 03:40:00

    your Carlaw Park option seems so "no-brainer" begs the question why was Eden Park chosen?

  2. With all those conflicting shadows cast all over the pitch, wouldn't it be hard for players and spectators to see the ball properly?

  3. James Stephenson10 Nov 2010, 08:46:00

    @dw - probably for some sensible reason like the NZRFU didn't want to have the world cup played at a "League Stadium".

    For my money we didn't only miss a golden opportunity to have a proper rectangular football stadium at Carlaw. We gave up the chance of a decent sized, test cricket-worthy oval at Eden Park.

    They could even have played demonstraction matches of that weird Australian game that PC likes so much.


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