Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How “smart”-phone users see each other

I stumbled across this (accurate?) analysis of how smart-phone users see themselves and each other.


Which reminded me of this old matrix:

So what do you use … and does it say about you … ?


  1. Windows Phone 7.

  2. Aaah, but iPhone users are more attractive and have more sex:

    iPhone Users Have More Sex


    Don’t Be Ugly By Accident!

    (hat-tip Marnee)

  3. "... iPhone users are more attractive and have more sex."

    Really? So how's that been working for you? ;^)

  4. that picture of Bill Gates shagging the user is relatively funny

  5. that picture of Bill gates shagging the PC user is funny but sad and real

  6. The only thing missing is POTS users (Plain Old Telephone Service), which todays OECD survey blasted by REPORTERS across NZ media gets all worked up about.

    On that note, none of them can remotely notice that one of the reasons for NZ POTS local calls being expensive is because infrastructure based competition was decimated when Labour decided to interfere with Telecom's property rights, killing off any incentive to build your own network (Telstra Clear stopped at Wellington and Christchurch, both including fibre/coax broadband incidentally - now a nationalised business).

  7. I was as skeptical as the next guy about iPhones until I got one at work - it is both an excellent tool for architects and mean as for downloading games to play on the tram home. Not sure what I appreciate more of those, but the killer app is Spotify which Kiwis unfortunately can't get yet. Stream pretty much any music ever invented (with a few exceptions) to your phone live with no ads for about twenty bucks a month.



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