Thursday, 10 June 2010

Exciting news for lovers of great art!

If you’ve been one of the many thousands of people who’ve seen some of the art posted here at NOT PC over recent years and wished you could afford come of it, I have some very exciting news that I’m now allowed to share with you.

My friend Terry Verhoeven has been travelling the world to meet and negotiate with some of today’s most inspirational artists, to bring their work to you!  Affordably!!

Matching the world’s most inspirational art with some of history’s greatest quotes, he calls what he’s about to launch “the next generation of motivational posters.”

Worry not. These artists are not painters of dead fish, or assemblers of stained blankets.  Terry has an amazing eye for art and a world-leading collection of motivational quotes that he’s matched up with an all-star line up of sculptors and painters including past masters Antonio Canova, Henri Regnault, Jean-Antoine Houdon, Beatrice Evelyn Longman, Daniel Chester French, Auguste Rodin, Jules Dalou, Caspar David Friedrich, Lord Frederic Leighton, Antoine Bourdelle, Ivan Shadr, Antonin Mercie, Giambologna and Lorenzo Mattielli, as well as renowned contemporary artists Joseph Sheppard, Martin Eichinger, Philippe Faraut, Michael Newberry, Paige Bradley, Michael Wilkinson, Bill Mack, Karl Jensen, Gabriel Picart and NZer David Knowles.

If you aren’t salivating already, you sure as hell should be!

Launching at the end of June (yes, yes, you’ll have to wait before you can get your cheque book out), Terry has sent me this very short taster video of his Inspirationz Gallery, below, and he’s set up a website that by late June will host his catalogue of revolutionary motivational posters.

As he says, they should ignite your soul!

And if they don’t, your soul must already be dead.

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  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing all the great artwork and quotes when this goes live.



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