Friday, 23 March 2007

Immortal Love - Daniel Chester French

Tonight's sculptor is a chap called Daniel Chester French, a man whose work was of an equal with the Renaissance masters, but who appeared at a time when mastery in art was quickly going out of fashion. Nicholas Provenzo has more, and Lee Sandstead -- whose photograph this is -- has much more on French and other unsung masters. LINK: Live lecture: Daniel Chester French--consummate idealist - Nicholas Provenzo, Rule of Reason The art historian's muse: An interview with Lee Sandstead - Monument Light RELATED: Art, Sculpture

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  1. I love the way both there heads are turned up. It gives them a look of pride. I admire pride. It also looks like he's managed the difficult technique of flesh in stone. That takes a lot of skill and mastery to mange. There is a man who aimed for the sky and who reached it. There is a man who took pride in his work. That is a man I can admire and I don't admire many people given that I have high standards.


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