Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wishing hard for a scandal

I mentioned Ian Wishard in the post below this one about a beat-up appearing at the Sub-Standard this morning.

As it happens, a classic Wishard beat-up also appeared around the traps this morning, fresh from its appearance in the latest copy of Inwishtigate magazine, where the hero of tin-foil journalism delivers a series of the “astonishing” revelations amounting to little more than the “news” that senior members of the former Labour Cabinet once made the acquaintance of a fourteen-year old boy.

Simply astonishing. Who would have thought.

Like I say, this is classic Wishard.  Once again he delivers not so much as a smoking gun as a cloud of reeking smoke, amongst which readers are invited to set their own fire.


  1. babylon and on20 Apr 2010, 16:37:00

    You're too much of a coward to ever take him on directly though aren't you Peter?

  2. When you say 'know', did you mean it in the Biblical sense?

  3. "You're too much of a coward to ever take him on directly though aren't you Peter?"

    My guess is Peter just has sympathy for Ian. The guy is a Creationist! In other words he is fucked in the head.

  4. Fairfacts Media: Exactly where did PC say 'know' anyway? Your journalistic instinct seems to rarely exceed the lascivious and cheap - have you ever thought of asking Wishart for a job?

  5. Even Wishart has some standards DenMT. And don't insult the journalistic profession by implying FFM's a journalist.

    Judge Holden

  6. @Babbling On: In what sense, do you mean?

    @Den: In fairness to FFM, I amended that word to excise any unintended double entendre.


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