Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Unhappy hipsters

unhappyhipsters1_1 You’ve seen them everywhere, in architecture magazines on every coffee table in every hipster’s apartment—those sterile, uninhabitable medal-winning places that look like a neutron bomb just hit them.  That lounge.  And which, in those magazines, will usually be found bearing captions along the lines of “In the living room, Adams relaxes on a chair by designer Scot Laughton while Fleming plays banjo,” which was the original caption for the picture below.Catnip Only, the website Unhappy Hipsters has gone and taken those photos out of the magazines, and they’ve added different, more appropriate captions. Like these:

Shower Bed

1 comment:

  1. Sterile, brittle, bleached and bereft of humanity. An incubator and dormitory for future psychiatric patients. Any kid growing up in that atmosphere is likely to be disfunctional.

    The place looks like a laboratory.


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