Friday, 31 July 2009

Beer O’Clock: How to open a Radler

You can open you beer with almost anything if you’re sufficiently resourceful. A knife, a fish slice, another beer, a piece of paper, your forearm, your chain saw, your iPhone, your eye-socket, your breast. Or breasts.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.  But because it’s still mid-winter down here in the Southern hemisphere and we’re all looking forward to all those delightful sights that summer brings, here’s something delightful you might like to look forward to down at your local.  And if it’s not your local, there’s at least two incentives here to make it so (and be warned that “beer opener” may be a pun):

And if you are opening a Radler this coming summer, for whatever reason and in whatever way you choose, then just damn make sure it’s not a Monteith’s. Here’s why.  If there's one thing worse than lack of property rights, it's claiming property rights over something that ain't your property.

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  1. ha! that was great. boobs and beer, always good for a laugh!


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