Saturday, 1 August 2009

Beehive bludging [updated]

See, I told you these pricks were the highest paid beneficiaries in the country.

What a thieving bunch of bastards.

UPDATE: Poneke points out the silent hypocrisy of the National-supporting blogsters over the Beehive’s biggest beneficiary.  Read The deafening right blog silence over Bill English being paid to live in his own home.


  1. What rent-boy English has done is beneath contempt. Make no mistake he knows exactly what he is up to.

    Any of you people out there still believe in the National socialists? Where are all you weenies now? We have not heard from you for a while. What do you think about your heroes and this sort of endemic rorting now?



    Remember those wee turds who reckoned that everyone should vote National because Labour was corrupt and only National, who were supposedly were lilly white non-corrupt saviours, were worthy of voting for? Remember all that blather and bullshit about wasting your vote if you directed it other than toward National and ACT?

    Reckon a vote for National turns out to be a vote wasted. Who'd have thought that? Who'd have predicted it? Perhaps the leopard never changed his spots after all....


  2. Ah, but John Key defended it as being Bill English's "entitlement" this morning ...

  3. Some on the right have attacked English and Douglas.
    I am one of them.

  4. Sus

    Yes. And Key's nose is growing longer by the day.



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