Friday, July 31, 2009

Who’s paying for whom here?

Many people are up in arms that beneficiaries' details were made public this week -- prominent bloggers being among the most vocal in expressing outrage.

But aren't people who are forced to pay the bills entitled to know just how much the people they're forced to fund are getting?  And if you're one of those receiving largesse from the taxpayer, shouldn't you at least have some gratitude for that largesse, instead of snorting like a buffoon that you're "entitled."

Frankly, the only entitlement here is that of we poor downtrodden taxpayers, who are pushed around and trodden up on by scum.  We the taxpayers are entitled to know what has happened to the hard-earned money that is taken away from us, who exactly is now pulling it down, and how much.  So that means whatever variety of moocher you are, from the ordinary garden variety karaoke-singing moocher right up to the most highly paid Beehive bludger, then we have a right to know.

Which just leaves me curious how many of those bloggers expressing faux outrage on behalf of beneficiaries are extracting largesse from the rest of us?  How many of us are effectively being forced to fund the expression of views which we find abhorrent.   I think we should be told.

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Blogger Mark Hubbard said...

Mmm. What I know is if I had not been paying the tax I have been over the last twenty years I would have been putting my money toward one of these:

A stunning boat - especially look at the photos from about six and seven on.

Now that would have been a good use of my money.

7/31/2009 04:17:00 pm  
Anonymous twr said...

Looks a bit too phallic in photo 7.

7/31/2009 04:29:00 pm  
Anonymous Sus said...

"How many of us are effectively being forced to fund the expression of views which we find abhorrent."

Excellent point, to which the silence is deafening -- once again -- from the usual statist suspects ...

8/03/2009 10:41:00 am  

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