Thursday, 2 April 2009

Blog stats for March: The “bubble” edition [updated]

    A distinct jump in visitors this month, despite the feeling in more educated quarters “that NotPC kind of exists outside the rest of the blogosphere in a bubble of it’s own.”  (But surely not an economic bubble – too likely to pop!) 
    I kind of like the idea that NotPC exists outside the mainstream: visited by many but mentioned by few (and rarely in polite company).  That site that’s there to scratch readers’ capitalistic itches – or, as JC puts it, to “tweak [people’s] libertarian tendencies” – but to be honest I’d always thought of it more as a sort of electrode to the nipples than either of these far-too gentle metaphors.  Guess I’ll have to try harder.  
    Anyway, here’s the stats for how many were scratched this month:

NZ Political Blog Ranking for NOT PC in February: 3rd (January: 4th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 575th (February: 699th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 291,338th (February: 315,648th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1695/day (February: 1422)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 48,294 (February: 40,126)
Page views [from Statcounter] 69,568 (February: 58,237)

Top ten posts for February:

Most commented upon posts

Top referring sites:
Search engines 6267 referrals; No Minister 1226; Kiwiblog 1003; Tumeke 383;  Libertarianz 346; SOLO 214; Strike the Root! 205; Facebook 180; Liberty Scott 176; Home Paddock 144; Standard 136; Anti Dismal 128; Roar Prawn 124; Barnsley Bill 122; Lindsay Mitchell 111; Crusader Rabbit 110
Top searches landing here:
not pc/peter cresswell etc 907; causes of global financial crisis 485; when the productive have to ask permission from the unproductive in order to produce 168;  toxicity of environmentalism george reisman 131; john galt speaking 126; earth hour scam 92; barack teleprompter 86; nude olympians 73; libertarian constitution 72; broadacre city 66; bavinger house 57
They're reading NOT PC here:  
I still await my first reader from Alaska…
Top countries/territories (from Google Analytics)
NZ 38%; USA 26%; Australia 4.8%; UK 4.7%; Canada 2.8%; Germany 1.3%; Italy 1.2%; India 1.0%; 
Top cities
Auckland 23%; Wellington 5.7%; Christchurch 4.6%; Sydney 2.4%; London 1.8%; New York 1.4%; Palmerston North 1.2%; Melbourne 0.8%; Hamilton 0.7%; Dunedin 0.5%; Los Angeles 0.5%
Readers' Browsers
Firefox 47%(45); IE Explorer 40%(41); Safari 9.3%(8.2); Chrome 2.8% (2.6); Opera 1.8%(2.2)
Readers’ OS
Windows 83%;  Mac 13.8%; Linux 2.3%; iPhone 0.4%
Readers' Connection Speeds
Unknown 38%(38); DSL 32%(32); Cable 18% (18); T1 9.5%(9.2); Dial-up 2.4%(2.7)

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell

PS: Just for interest, to those who’ve been discussing what Alexa shows about about the Sub-Standard’s readers, my own Alexa figures show my top four countries for visitors are NZ, Netherlands, USA and India (India ranking at 5.8%), whereas my Google Analytics show it as just scraping into the top eight, and in the Statcounter figures India doesn’t even make the top twenty.

So perhaps this just means nothing more than that a lot of Indian readers have the Alexa Toolbar on their computers, huh? 

UPDATE: By the looks of Bernard Hickey's rocketing stats -- cracking one million page impression for March --if he was included in Tumeke's blog rankings he'd easily romp into number two spot, with a bullet!

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