Friday, 6 March 2009

Nimbys 3, Ellis 20.

marc_ellis_posed_2 On the occasion of magnate Marc Ellis and his four surfing buddies being so graciously granted permission to build a cafe at Piha on their own land, we have been sent a copy of an email from one Charles A. Nimby to purse-lipped wowser Sandra Coney, who heroically and almost single-handedly delayed the project for three years.

Date: Mar 3, 2009 2:41 PM
Subject: Not in my backyard!

Dear Sandy,

    This Environment Court decision is just so typical of the new mood sweeping across our country - one of optimism, hope and a culture where hard work and success are celebrated.
    It is deplorable. 
    Bring back mediocrity, antagonism and envy.
    Fronted by Ellis, a man who has achieved far too much in his short life already and brought nothing but humour and happiness to New Zealanders around the country, and supported by 4 others who have far too many friends, make the most out of life, and have a hunger to make a difference - this venture is a disgrace. 
    Heaven forbid, given their past history and positive attitudes they may even make a prosperous success of this venture, bring joy and charm to Piha and even employ some motivated people who would be much better off getting handouts subsidised by earnest rich pricks like these chaps.
    Guys like them get all the breaks - and it's just not fair.  Good job they have had to battle through a ridiculously long, pointless and expensive court case.
    I wish the site had been gifted to the highly competent ARC, who would keep it looking shabby, desolate, gloomy and lugubrious. This country needs more misery and boredom.
    With a half empty glass I salute you,

Charles A. Nimby.


  1. Sandra leeches from taxpayer & idiot Coney is the good example of Ayn Rand's :

    Ayn Rand:
    When the productive have to ask permission from the unproductive in order to produce, then you may know your culture is doomed.

    When the productive such as Ellis, et al, have to ask permission from leechers and useless unproductive such as Sandra Coney in order to produce, then you know that the Piha community with its high unemployment number, will continue to increase (dole people) in the coming years.

  2. PihaDecisionEnvironmentCourt

    Peter If you look at the EC decision you see the Appellants are both Ellis & Coney

  3. Ellis was an appellant only to be able to do 'light cooking' rather than reheat food. Piha Yes! Campaigners along with 729 people who signed our petition in Piha are thrilled with the EC decision ! Yay for democracy

  4. Yes there are a lot of unemployable people at Piha. However at least two women (who drew up the petition?) will have a go at running the cafe. Hopefully they will contain the resulting sewerage- after all it will be built on the smallest site in Piha & when the system is full & before the over flow starts the cafe will have to close down I wonder when these BlackSands women will stop leeching from the ratepayer as they continue to use the camping ground laundry to wash all their home stay linen while Council picks up the tab of cleaning out the Camping Ground sewerage system!!!!! Talk about leeches!!

  5. Anonymous: Two woman did not draw up the petition. Nine women did (while most of the guys were surfing - no?)and mobilised a Community (well 729 of them) to stand up, for once, and say what they would like. And like most hard working people who earn money we bought a front loading washing machine for our laundry - matching drier too!! Lucky us could claim the GST back because we pay our taxes too. Unfortunately we're too busy to do anything other than enjoy a nice latte or two at the Cafe. We've done the 'run Cafe' thing a decade or two ago.No investment for us except a civilised coffee :-) What are you doing to earn a $ or two and pay taxes? Gee - you've got something annoying you uh?

  6. "When the productive such as Ellis...". I think it's drawing a pretty long bow to call a professional showoff like Marc Ellis "productive". Let him do what he likes on his own land, but don't worship him just cos he's been on the tv a few times.


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