Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nick Smith, the libertarian! Who’re you kidding?

The Greens’s Frog Blog is confused.  Yes, yes, it’s not like that’s anything new.  But now they’re more confused than usual.  You see, the Frog’s authors thinks that because he once used the epithet Nanny State to describe them, that National’s odious Nick Smith sounds, therefore,

“like one of those Libertarian types – the modern free-market version of the 1980s Moonie crossed with the ‘flat earth society’ – the sort always willing to shove a bit of Ayn Rand down your throat while you are waiting for the bus.”

Their words, not mine.  And while it sounds like there’s more than one serious confusion there, it also sounds like – as Corporal Jones almost used to say – they don’t like those who tell the truth about ‘em.

Liberty Scott responds politely in Frog’s comments to at least one obvious point: “Funny how you’re sensitive about ‘nanny state’; is it that you don’t want to convince people to save the planet’, but prefer to force them to?”

And here’s another: for the record, no, Nick Smith is not a libertarian.  In Lindsay Perigo’s memorable words, he’s an anal authoritarian with a tongue so forked he could hug a tree with it.

Feel free to make as many points of your own as you might wish to.  There’s many more to make.


  1. Ah, it's a sad day for the Greens when they can't even recognise one of their own in blue-drag!

    And as for the FES analogy: what a hoot, coming as it does from the original flat-earthers. But not surprising given their propensity for Newspeak; peaceful = violent, etc.

    Talking Rand while waiting for the *bus*? Not this little black duck, Comrade! Drive baby, drive! ;)

    ps: it's Corporal Jones, PC (as opposed to Sgt Wilson. I'm a longtime fan!)

  2. The proposition that Nick Smith is a libertarian is certainly one of the funnier ones I've heard come out of the Greens recently.

    There are no libertarian or libertarian leaning MPs in the National party. (Unless you wish to correct me PC - or perhaps that might be a post in itself???)

    Those that came close, or at least sympathized - Ruth Richardson and Don Brash.... well they got stabbed in the back with poison covered pitchforks and kicked out.

    This is the same "twist and turn" strategy from the statists used in discourse on the financial meltdown.

    They call bailouts capitalism, price fixing central banking "unrestrained free markets" and government subsidies and regulation "the failed hands-off policies of the past".

    Calling Nick Smith a libertarian.... LMFAO.

  3. Yes like Sue Kedgeley describing the failure of free trade in agriculture.

    It's the abuse of language to suit propaganda, a classic Marxist technique. Call a spade a fork for long enough, and many will agree.


  4. Don Brash was the closest National had to a libertarian MP. There are a number of National MPs though who would be broadly classical liberal. Not in a perfectly consistent sense, but in terms of broad instinct.

  5. Sean Fitzpatrick4 Mar 2009, 08:38:00

    Hey let's not forget Keith Locke branded himself a libertarian of sorts last month. This just shows how they REALLY don't know the meaning of the word - or several other words for that matter.

  6. Libertarians take the bus?


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