Friday, 13 March 2009

Not bad NOT PC for the last seven days . . .

It’s been a somewhat quiet seven days in news terms, but that didn’t stop thousands of you thundering through here – and here’s what you stopped and looked at so often you must have figured it wasn’t too bad:

  • There must be 50 ways to be a creationist?
    Religion meets evolution meets humour  . . . at least, that was the original intent of the link supplied, a list that “pretty well covers all the real reasons people are creationists” -- opinions over which are still clearly divided, if not always clearly explained.
  • Nimbys 3, Ellis 20.
    NOT PC uncovers some correspondence to Sandra Coney, on the occasion of Marc Ellis & Co’s cafe at Piha finally gaining the permission of the grey ones to go ahead.  “This Environment Court decision is just so typical of the new mood sweeping across our country,” begins the letter, “one of optimism, hope and a culture where hard work and success are celebrated. It is deplorable. . .”
  • Garrett continues to remove all doubt
    In ACT’s David Garrett, Mark Twain would rarely have found a clearer example of his famous dictum. Garrett’s push for degrading imprisonment, regardless of what people are in prison for, continues to demonstrate that the “liberal” party MP means it when he says “we've got too hung up on people's rights.”
  • Are you Going John Galt?
    Are you Going John Galt?  I ask, because as The Reign of The Obamessiah kicks in, more and more Americans are going on strike, and – the words of the commentariat – they’re “Going John Galt.” Ayn Rand would surely have approved.
  • NOT PJ: The None-Day Fortnight
    Bernard Darnton finds a government scheme so good he demands it be made ten times bigger.
  • Who’s not watching the Watchmen?
    New film The Watchmen has got lots of people excited.  Galt knows why.  It doesn’t sound like 163 minutes I’d care to sit through.
  • The aristocracy of prison management
    Private prisons?  I’m agin’ ‘em – and so too are other like-minded enthusiasts of privatisation Paul Walker and Liberty Scott.  You see, there’s something fundamentally different about it when you’re privatising force . . .

Cheers, and thanks for reading NOT PC---and don’t forget to check out the latest Objectivist bloggers’ roundup over the weekend.  There’s some great commentary there too on the Going John Galt phenomenon.
Peter Cresswell

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