Monday, 9 March 2009

Who’s not watching the Watchmen? [updated]

New film The Watchmen has got lots of people excited.  Galt knows why.  Judging by  Amy Peikoff’s and  Jameson’s competing reviews at SOLO, it sounds as nasty as the original comic book.  (Don’t worry about the plot spoilers in their reviews, it doesn’t sound like 163 minutes you’d care to sit through anyway.)

Frankly, I had a much better time at the movies on the weekend watching Renee Fleming in Massenet’s opera Thais on the big screen at the Rialto.  Just magic.  Here’s the opera’s finale:

UPDATE: Crikey, everybody’s watching the goddamn Watchmen.  Sheesh.  Joe Maurone reviews it at his Superhero Babylon blog, and explains both the Ayn Rand and the Steve Ditko connections.  You might be surprised.


  1. Robert Winefield10 Mar 2009, 03:14:00

    "it doesn’t sound like 163 minutes you’d care to sit through anyway"


  2. See Caplan's review here and especially his link to the rather good V is for Veidt.


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