Friday, 29 August 2008

Million-morning open slather

So much to talk about, and so much to say,  so how 'bout on my millionth morning you tell me what you want to talk about, and what you'd like to say.  You tell me what's on your mind for a change.  Feel free to post and vent in the comments, and I'll post the best of what I see here on the front page.

How's that for a deal?

NB:  Here's a few things to kick you off

  • This rambling interview from Winston Peters [audio] might suggest a few things to say, along with its companion piece here: the earlier interview with Bob Jones [audio].
  • PledgeCardAndBananas_small Or the observation from my colleague Greg Balle that Peters and Clark were over in the islands only last week telling Bainimarama how to run Fiji, when the pattern developed by Clark with her electoral finance abomination, Glenn's money and his New Years Honour, and her retroactive legislation to protect pledge card thieving -- and from her SFO-investigating Foreign minister, who wants to disband the SFO -- is a tinpot drama that fully vindicates 2006's Banana Republic Day pronouncement by Libz leader Bernard Darnton, and raises NZ's rank to that of an official South Pacific type of banana republic.
  • Or perhaps you'd like to comment on NBR editor Nevil Gibson's argument that the events in Georgia are not the signs of a new Cold War:  Instead, he argues, "Russian aggrandisement in the Caucasus is part of a revanchism that was bound to occur when America’s enemies detected the end of the Bush era would leave a considerable lack of backbone in the next administration."
  • Or to sink your fangs into the Emissions Tax Scam, which looks like it will become law next week!
  • Or into the multiply-qualified David Cohen (who once sank his own fangs into this mid-grade hack by calling me just "an office worker"), who wades into the bloggers as journalists/journalists as bloggers debate with a simple twenty-point test.  Do you scrub up?  If David walked down a street in the area in which you live and asked the first 20 people he met if they had heard of you, is there much chance that at least one would say yes?
  • Or the revolutionary new heart procedure successfully introduced at Waikato Hospital, that looks to be as life-saving as the now routine 'stent.'
  • Or the news that Ken Livingstone, Red Ken, the former mayor of London, has found a new role as an adviser to the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and his political allies [hat tip Lance].
  • Or perhaps just take the opportunity to tell me I'm an arsehole.  Best insults get the front-page treatment.


[Nothing to report so far.]

UPDATE [12:04pm]:  I have to say, I'm sorely disappointed at your responses so far.  At this stage I see one good question about inflation, one suggestion that David Cohen would fail on his point number fourteen, and no other contributions at all.  It's shameful.


  1. Inflation, or more specifically, the specifics of monetary inflation in NZ. Who pushes what buttons, when, and why to "run the presses". I know we don't literally print more paper money here. How does it happen?

  2. Who the fuck is David Cohen? Can't even find out on as the network times out. Guess they can't handle the increased traffic from NotPC?

  3. The link to the item on Ken Livingstone reveals what a total piece of shit this guy is. Livingstone made the Venezuelan taxpayers foot the bill for his trip over to see Chavez, because he (Ken) is "unemployed". At least going to a country suffering under socialism he will be able to see true poverty. I hope it pricks his conscience just a little bit.

  4. Very guarded use of the word 'pricks' there, Richard.

  5. McCain will have considerable backbone whereas Obama is more in the mold of the worst president of all tim Jimmy Carter.

  6. Livingstoned advisor to Chav:

    "No one doubts Caracas needs help. Gridlocked traffic, a crumbling centre, hillside slums, horrific murder rates, corrupt police and inept local government have made it one of Latin America's most notorious cities."

    Seems like they're doing alright without Korupt Ken's help. What an ego. What a fuckwit.


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