Friday, 29 August 2008

Gas station - Frank Lloyd Wright


For a man so in love with the possibilities of the automobile, especially with the human habitation they make possible, it's no surprise architect Frank Lloyd Wright was only too happy to be asked to design a gas station, and disappointed it was never built exactly as intended (here's one that was erected).

Nearly fifty years after Wright's death, the city of Buffalo is about to remedy the problem with the Wright-designed gas station rendered above to be constructed and housed - complete with overhead dispensers (deemed 'unsafe' at the time by building bureaucrats) -- inside a purpose-built building.  But don't try driving in and filling up:  these bowsers will all be empty.

Some Wright enthusiasts are less than happy however with this and other new 'Wright buildings,' based on little more than sketches.

    Robert Twombly, a Wright biographer, has accused the architect's former apprentices of muddying his legacy with mediocre "Wright'' buildings.
As for the Buffalo projects, he said: "I recognize the good intentions. But why tarnish Wright's reputation with ersatz buildings when there are so many real Wright buildings for people to see?''

Story here and here [hat tip Prairie Mod].

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  1. I've watched The Fountainhead recently, and if I'm not mistaken Roark's plans in the movie for a service station were pretty much based on this.


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