Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dr Robert

Pssst.  I know that many of you know Robert White, a local Objectivist, so I'm very happy to report that Robert is now Doctor Robert -- his thesis on the philosophy of Ayn Rand has now been accepted, and the title of Doctor about to be bestowed.

Congratulations Doctor.

UPDATE: Oops, apparently my grapevine was slightly inaccurate.  I said the title of Doctor is about to
be bestowed. In fact, Robert's degree was conferred several weeks ago.

Here's the Beatles, with 'Dr Robert':


And here's a very good Peruvian Beatles covers band doing Dr Robert.  Who knew that such things even existed.


  1. Has Dr. Robert got any medicine ? I am asking because I like Doctors medicine.

  2. Indeed. Congratulations Dr White.

    - Sam Pierson

  3. Elijah Lineberry20 May 2008, 12:56:00

    Jolly splendid result, Robert, well done!

  4. Richard McGrath20 May 2008, 13:41:00

    Well done Robert, I look forward to reading your thesis one day.

  5. Robert Winefield20 May 2008, 15:34:00

    Congratulations Dr. Robert


    Dr Robert.

  6. Sincere congratulations Dr. Robert and kudos for your choice of subject matter.

  7. (Dr!) Robert,

    Well done (I hope you read all these) - the sooner we see your influence affecting university philosophy departments the better.

    Andrew Bates


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