Tuesday, 20 May 2008

NZ blog rankings, March/April

The lads at Tumeke have again done blog readers a service with their ranking of the NZ political blogosphere for March-April just out overnight, with some big changes in the top ten.  You can see it here.  Not bad work for "an insane, radical, anti-semite, Maori-lover, thieving, prisoner-whore" and "a fat, lefty, peacenik, traitor, fag."  Not bad at all.

The chief value of the rankings isn't just boasting rights for bloggers (oh, okay, I'm up from sixth to fourth, jumping ahead of the Green Party's Frog Blog, nyahh, nyahh), it's in the service it offers blog readers.  You may not be able to read the news from twelve different angles as you can in the UK, for example with their wide-ranging and entertainingly opinionated newspapers, but if you read the top dozen NZ political blogs every day you can achieve something of the same effect.  (And if you do read the top dozen NZ political blogs every day, you'd be well advised to download and use an RSS newsreader to make your reading easier.)

But there's still plenty of gems outside the top twelve, some of which Tim Selwyn (he's the the insane, radical, anti-semite, Maori-lover, thieving, prisoner-whore) has highlighted in his summary of the rankings. (And don't worry, that's his own self-loathing autobiographical description.)

I like Tim's summary of #34 Liberty Scott -- "think: Idiot/Savant's style, Trevor Loudon's research, Peter Cresswell's thinking" -- but  I'm not sure the description is entirely intended to be a compliment.

Anyway, take some time and do some exploring.


  1. Yes I'm not sure quite what to make of that. Wonder wtf Whoar suddenly went up in the ratings for though, but 120 posts a week looks to me like a full time "job"

  2. You think maybe the taxpayer is paying Phil U's wages?

  3. I thought that Cactus Kate would be in the top 5, let alone the top 10 , because she has been on the Herald in the business section lately.

  4. The description of myself (and my co-blogger) was a rough paraphrasing of what the vulgar end of the conservative/right have said of us in our comments sections.

    Thanks, Peter, for recognising the directory nature of the rankings too - which is sometimes over-looked. I'm on the look-out now for new blogs to add, and I encorage people to let me know of any that ought to be included in the next survey.

    Michelle - I totally agree that her traffic stats under-rate her ability.

  5. I am amazed that Pacific Empire has maintained its ranking when I haven't posted in months...

    There is also a directory of NZ blogs - not just political blogs - at Kiwiology.


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