Tuesday, 20 May 2008

How many thousand make a "consensus"?

The global warming models are falling into disrepute, global temperatures still flatly refuse to climb, and now the "science is settled" argument is about to look even more unsettled:

The National Press Club in Washington will today release the names of as many as 32,000 American Scientists who reject not only Kyoto-style greenhouse gas limits, but the very premise of manmade global warming itself. [Story: American Thinker]

So what's left of the warmist argument?  Why the need to shackle our producers?  And what's the collective noun for 32,000 scientists? 

A 'consensus'?


  1. Great link PC. The momentum is shifting.

  2. Hehe. I've signed this one twice, once under my own name and qualifications (BA Hons in Architecture) and once under an alter-ego, Buford J. McWhirter, who is an MSc in Climate Science from Eketahuna University.

    I encourage anyone else interested in signing to do so here:


    The rigour of their fact-checking is unparalleled, believe me. This is one of the most convincing and important documents of scientific agreement ever seen. Ever. Really.