Monday, 11 February 2008

Number five!

NZ's unofficial blogosphere rankings for January were released Saturday by Tim Selwyn and his co-blogger, and I'm happy to report that despite some movement around the rankings and still being incorrectly classified as "right," your loyal correspondent retains his place at number five.

  • Big mover is Whale Oil, who moves from sixth to fourth at the expense of the declining Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn;
  • The Sub-Standard, which moves up two places to seven on the back of some fairly negative publicity, and its companion-in-Labour KiwiBlogBog (the David Farrar attack blog), which leaps into the top ten.
  • Other big risers include Dave Gee, who leaps into both the top ten and my notice; NZ Conservative (up six to sixteen); Poneke, NewzBlog and The Hive (who gallop from nowhere to seventeen, nineteen and twenty-two respectively); and politicians Tony Milne and Aaron Bhatnagar, (who canter from lowly rankings to sit close together at twenty-four and twenty-five).
  • Other decliners include Cactus Kate (down four to fourteen); Jordan Carter (down three to fifteen); and Rodney Hide (down nine to twenty-three).
  • And if Messrs Selwyn and Bradbury deigned to be honest about it, Lindsay Perigo's SOLO 'team blog' would certainly appear at somewhere in the top six, if not higher. (SOLO figures:
    nz1361 * 261,136: 1000 (Google Analytics) + 45 + na + 60 = 1105)


  1. NZ Conservative didn't decline - we went up! Of course, I didn't even notice until today.

  2. The only thing that matters is traffic - and the analysis rewards link ho's - and example being this post.

    Anyway no one outside of the top 3 is in the top 100k, so it is the Roll Call of the Lame - not something to toot your horn about. NZ 'sphere is a very small cog.

  3. NZ 'sphere is the only one this blog is aimed at.


  4. "NZ Conservative didn't decline - we went up!"

    Oops, sorry. So you did.

    Congratulations. :-)


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