Monday, 11 February 2008

A sea of classic cars


I had a great weekend, I really did, and thanks very much for asking.  Friday we barbecued, Saturday we plotted, and Sunday I had a fantastic time at the Ellerslie Classic Car show.

The day at the car show started far too early (dropping off my car at 7am with matchsticks under my eyelids), and ended in style later in the afternoon driving home in the clouds of delightfully scented exhaust smoke belched out behind this classic 1932 MG 'M' Type 'whale-tail' Midget -- the first true MG Midget, and the first of a long line of MG sports cars!


The J2's owner epitomises the day.  Here were people delighting in the technology of pleasure and the sea of beautiful cars designed with fun in mind, and pictured here are some of my own favourite machines on display.

Ferrari212Ferraris and more Ferrari 212 amid a small sea of lesser Ferraris.

AC CobraAston Martin and AC Cobra.AstonDB5 

Formula Fiat FiatSpider Colin Waite's Formula 1 Fiat, and a Fiat Spider like the one I once owned (in every way, that is, but for colour and condition).

AlfaTwo beautiful Alfa Spiders. Alfa-Red

Here Moggy A Healey or Two A small wave of Morgans and a tidal flow of 'Big Healeys.'

Lotus EliteA Lotus Elite ... and a Mercedes Sport waiting for its rebirth. MercedesSportOneDay

A Carman's KarmannSting in a Karmann's tail A Karmann Ghia with the '1500' badge on the boot, but the full-throated sting of a Chevrolet Corvair in the tail...

J2 Porsche Speedster, MGA and another J2.Porsche Speedster MGA and driverr

A sea of MGs in front of the main stand, including amongst them my own 1967 Midget, and dozens of MGBs, MGAs, Ts, and pre-1956 lovelies.  Just beautiful.

T_and_AMG's_a_crowd As_and_Ys_and Midgets As


  1. *sigh* many great cars, so little money.

  2. WHAT!!! NO Triumphs TR3A

  3. There was a very nice TR5, but it had unfortunately departed by the time I'd returned with my camera.

    Unlike the hardy lady with the M-Type, some of the car owners were put off by the morning drizzle and left a little early...

  4. "Friday we barbecued .."

    What, corn? Soy Burger?! Only carnivores 'barbecue'! :)

    Presume you've been to the late Len Southward's Museum down on the Kapiti Coast? What a great place. You don't have to be a car fan to appreciate it.

  5. "Saturday we plotted"? Interesting, PC ... :-)

    That car show looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Cor - I'll have one of each, thanks.


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