Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Art & Entrepreneurship: The Michael Newberry Interview

Stephen Hicks' Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship has published the second issue of its newsletter, Kaizen, featuring an extensive interview with New York City artist Michael Newberry, no stranger to this blog.

A free PDF copy of the magazine can be downloaded here.  And above is my favourite Newberry: Icaarus Landing (36"x55," acrylic on board, 2000) which as Michael says is very simple, and very powerful -- a memorable image portraying an important virtue: the simple joy of success over great odds.  Hicks calls this Michael's most important symbolic work.   It simultaneously references both the Greek Icarus and the Christian crucifixion, while conquering both tragic tales, and triumphantly affirming man's place on earth.

This is what art can do.  (And below, by the way, is the painting 'on location' in Rhodes, Greece.)


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