Thursday, 10 January 2008

Street fighting men against free speech (updated)

Over recent weeks Trevor Loudon has been searching out links between local anarchists and peace activists, their associations with the Green Party, Zapatistas and international anarchist networks, and the weapons training so many of these peace lovers were undergoing in the Ureweras. (See the many, many posts he's made making the links at his weblog, New Zeal).   While the Green party has maintained a stoic silence, this has upset the anarchists and so called peace activists.  So much so that at Indymedia where they hang out, they're talking about where Trevor lives ...

...also they [Trevor and his family] live in a freakishly clean suburb called Northwood where there are rules for everything from the car you park in the driveway to the amount of money you spend on landscaping. Would anyone like the address? phone number?
Another has added;
He [Trevor] has a file in the Suspected Child Molester data base at CTF, in another words, he likes young boys .

Trevor no longer lives in Northwood (so don't bother firebombing the suburb) but as he says, "you can see how this sort of carry on might be intimidating on several fronts."  Certainly can.  He makes the point that the left tend to attack or intimidate those who oppose them.  It's a common modus operandi, to vilify rather than oppose honestly (perhaps because socialists overwhelmingly view others as a route to their own power, and as Chris Trotter has written are prepared to accept any corruption as long as it keeps the left in office*).  It's something even Barrack Obama is enduring at present with wild talk of assassination in the air -- a "meme" Obama rival Hillary Clinton is apparently willing to have used to her advantage.

Even so, Labour's Electoral Finance Act requires individuals expressing political opinions such as Don't Vote Labour to publish their names and addresses, leaving them and those they live with open targets to any nutjob under the sun.

This can't be right.  It certainly isn't free speech.


* Zen Tiger's recent comment about Trotter is spot on: "Chris Trotter is a man of standards. He has at least two of them. And double standards equip the left so very well to argue their way to electoral victory."

UPDATE: From Jack Wheeler's To the Point comes this comment, which is, um, exactly to the point:

If you Google "Obama" and "assassination" you will get 384,000 hits.
All over the world, the media is speculating on the possibility.  Typical is the January 8 (the day of the New Hampshire primary) headline in one of Australia's major newspapers, The Australian:
Obama Must Be Wary of the Assassin's Gun.
The "news angle" of thousands of such stories is the same.  The first line of The Australian story is:  "Barrack Obama is crazy brave.  His victory in Iowa puts him in the crosshairs of many a gun-toting racist for whom the thought of a black president is an abomination."
It's the drumbeat theme echoing around the globe:  evil racist-fascist right-wing war-mongering child-eating nazi conservatives will always destroy America's hopes of being a peaceful humanitarian nation.
After all, it was just such a fascist-nazi right-winger that murdered JFK and killed Camelot, right?  What's that?  Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist?  Oh...
Please ignore that impossibly embarrassing fact.  Especially since it brings up the real question that no liberal dares to think, much less ask:
Will Hillary find an Oswald of her own to take out Obama?

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  1. Robert Winefield10 Jan 2008, 12:16:00

    Re: Clinton's apparent endorsement of assassinating Obama...

    I read the NYT article and I have to say that your conclusion is a fairly it's a pretty long bow to draw on the evidence presented.

    I've no love for Hillary, but still...

  2. Yes, well spotted. I was uncomfortable with the wording of what I wrote. I think what I've corrected it with now appears more accurate.

  3. Trevor certainly knows how to wind them up though. In the comments section of one of his posts he says he regards the National Front, the Italian fascists and the German Nazis as left wing. I kid you not.

  4. And, interestingly enough, as this thread at Kiwiblog shows...

    National are once again *not* the answer as the "reader" with the sign on
    his property would still be breaking the old National Party laws that they want to revert to.

    Gotta have your name on there so the people at Indymedia can hunt you down.

  5. "hunt you down" Eric? That'd be a bit like being hunted by enraged hamsters. :-)

  6. This is something I have found a bit worrying in the past both as a candidate and as a blogger. I choose not be anonymous, but I understand the concerns of those who don't want their address to become public knowledge.

    Poneke: Its not so hard to believe. While the social conservatism of the National Front and other fascists is a right-wing trait, their economic policies - including appeals to the working class, rejection of globalization and xenophobic opposition to foreign ownership - are typically leftist. They weren't called the "National Socialists" for nothing.


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