Thursday, 10 January 2008

Holiday viewing

'Twas the season to kick back catch up on essential holiday viewing.  Here's some of the holiday films and DVDs I managed to fit in this year.  Lack of decent rain rather kept the viewing down:

Glenn Miller Story - perfect Christmas day viewing.
Spooks - catching up on all the episodes I missed back in Season Two.  Truly nail-biting drama!
House - catching up on Season Three.  Who has time to watch TV during the year?
The Prisoner - there's always someone who needs to be (re)introduced.
Twilight Zone - classic Rod Serling episodes so sharp you cut yourself.
Wicker Man -  "You'll simply never understand the true nature of sacrifice..."
Casablanca -  always worth re-watching.
Third Man - Orson Welles does Graham Greene.  Twin genii.
Marnie - a reminder that Sean Connery was once almost too good for film.
The Town is Quiet - Marseilles on a bad week. 
Dark Blue World - excellent Czech Battle of Britain romance - and some great flying scenes.

Now I look back at the list, it must have rained more than I remembered!  So what did you curl up in front of in your cinema room over the holidays ?

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  1. I started writing about what I've been watching, but ended up writing a post instead.


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