Thursday, 10 January 2008

Nixon in New Hampshire

The Whig on Hillary:

"Hillary is the Nixon of the Left."

Very apposite.


  1. Oh Peter...gosh :P

    President Nixon was a great man.
    A leader, an Anti-Communist Freedom lover, a man who believed that trade and peace were preferable to war and barriers.

    Hillary Clinton, however, is a nasty piece of work, almost as big a liar has her disgraceful Husband, a captive to 'special interests' and Big Government.

    You may as well say "John Key is the Ayn Rand of the National Party" for all the validity of the comparisons.

  2. What you've done, Elijah, is compare Nixon's good qualities with Clinton's bad ones. Of course there is no correlation between the two. However, if you compare good with good and bad with bad, they are remarkably similar politicians, and Hillary is indeed, the Nixon of the Left.

  3. Yes, indeed I have highlighted Nixon's good qualities, Blair , because I do not believe Nixon had particlarly bad qualities.

    There is a slight difference between "bad" qualities as an absolute, and "bad" qualities invented and perpetuated by the Washington Post.

    Clinton is genuinely evil, advocating an extremist Socialist agenda, whereas the 'Nixon Bad Points' (so to speak) are merely aspects of being human, and can be easily responded to with the question 'so what?'

    Nixon liked to drink what?

    Nixon hated a few people (with good reason) what?

    Nixon was shy with new what?

    Nixon used to what?


  4. Nixon authorised wiretapping and break-ins on his political enemies... so what?

    Nixon bombed Cambodia without congressional authorisation and in full defiance of the US Constitution... so what?

    Nixon tried to cover up the criminal activity of his associates and organised hush-money payments to keep it under wraps... so what?


  5. Oh

    President Nixon did none of the things you mention....(see what I was meaning about Washington Post fictions being perpetuated vis a vis 'facts' when it comes to Nixon?)

    Next you will be telling Hillary had Vince Foster murdered and the bizarre and braindamaged "Clinton Chronicles" are true and factual! LOL!! ..(as a comparison with Nixon)

  6. Gosh Elijah...what a facility you have for historical revisionism!

    Most of us chaps have heard of the original 'smoking gun'...have you? LOL!!! Gosh!


  7. Nixon & Kissingers dialog with the
    Chinese leadership was remarkable.
    They say Reagan ended the cold war, but Nixon started the end of the cold war. He was a pragmatic man but also a hell of a diplomat when he put his mind to it. Old school America at its



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