Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Who are the racists?

Who are the racists? No Minister asks some reasonable questions:
  • We have a coup leader in Fiji under fire because he wants to replace a racially-based constitution dominated by an hereditary based Great Council of Chiefs with something more resembling one person one vote as found in most Western democracies for which he is branded a 'leper' by Dear Leader. Who's the racist?
  • We have racially-based seats (supported by Dear Leader) that are largely held by a racially-based party? Who are the racists?
  • When applying for resource consent, you have to effectively gain approval for your project by members of one particular race. Whose law is more racist?
  • Parties that promote such racial separatism (and pundits who use their race to give themselves a career) will often brand opponents to their racism as racist. But who, really, are the racists?
"Surely," says No Minister, "it is those who want to treat people different because of their racial background"? How could you disagree? Wouldn't it be great if we could one day live in a nation where people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.


  1. Who are the racists? Probably not 'Fairfacts Media', but God help me if his apologetics on behalf of Banaramana and his fellow armed thugs don't sound dreadfully familiar... He has more in common with the Maori Party, Tame Iti and his fellow toxic waste 'Maori nationalists' than you might think.

    Now what what that comment by 'Bomber Bradbury you quoted so approvingly in another post, PC?

    Ah, yes...
    [T]he activist community have got to demand our civil rights while renouncing any use of guns to force social change. In a functioning democracy, we fight with words and ideas, not grenade launchers.

    But I guess some of our radical chic righties love a bit of coconut rough in uniform - as long as they're not too close to home.

  2. Craig

    You're mixed up. What The Commodore is doing in Fiji is not the same as what the thugs arrested around NZ are up to. Try to read and learn some. Then you won't get so confused.



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