Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Auckland traffic delays

My commiserations to Auckland commuters only now getting in to work after spending far too long on the Southern Motorway this morning (as I write this traffic is still backed up to Drury!). I should point out however that my sympathy is somewhat tempered by the delight I get every morning from listening to the frequently grim traffic reports as I do my own daily 'commute' from the kitchen to the study -- just one of the many delights to be derived from working from home.


  1. Ha ha Peter, I know exactly what you mean :P

    The joys of self employment!

  2. Don't forget, apart from travel time there is also...

    1) The "canteen"
    2) The staff lounge with Sky TV & beer fridge.
    3) Control of the radio.
    4) Afternoon Naps.
    5) The Cat.



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