Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More dating ads ...

After posting those Irish personal ads here last week, I've discovered someone's written a book based on personals from the London Review of Books. Here's some Tim Blair picked out of the crowd:
  • I enjoy vodka, canasta, evenings in, and cold, cold, revenge.
  • ither I’m desperately unattractive, or you are all lesbians. Bald, pasty man (61) with nervous tic and unclassifiable skin complaint believes it to be the latter but holds out hope.
  • Tired of feeling patronised by the ads in this column? Then I’m not the woman for you, little man.
  • Slut in the kitchen, chef in the bedroom. Woman with mixed priorities (37) seeks man who can toss a good salad.
  • When you do that voodoo that you do so well, I invoke 16th-century witchcraft laws and have you burned at the stake. No shenanigans with Quaker M, 39.
  • My favourite Ben & Jerry’s is Acid-Boiled Bones of Divorce Lawyer. They don’t make it yet, but, damn, I can taste its sweet, sweet ice-creamy goodness already. M, 54.
  • I am not an accountant.
My salads, by the way, are legendary.



Blogger Mrs Smith said...

It's hard to pick a fave - but "I enjoy vodka, canasta, evenings in, and cold, cold, revenge" sounds like my kind of thing.

10/23/2007 09:50:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PC...I wonder if your salad is the one she meant?

10/23/2007 11:28:00 am  

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