Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Drink up. Don't forget.

Turns out again that Auckland University research proves again that one of my favourite drinking stories is true: alcohol increases memory. [Hat tip Lance]
"Low levels of alcohol promoted neutral memories, such as remembering objects," said [researcher] Dr Kalev. "However, contrary to popular belief, we also found that excessive levels of alcohol enhanced memories of highly emotional stimuli, meaning the concept of `drinking to forget' is unlikely to be true. Our work suggests that heavy drinking actually reinforces negative memories."
Looks like Tom Waits will have to rewrite 'Warm Beer & Cold Women.'


  1. Your tax dollars at work! :)

  2. This study was carried out on - would you believe - RATS!

    So take whatever you like out of this senseless exercise.

  3. That is actually what I have observed about myself (Anecdotal) when I usually have a prolong drinking session at the weekend. On Monday morning, I feel like my brain is re-charging a lot, compared to when I am sober.


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