Saturday, 18 August 2007

Don't miss out: This week's best at Not PC

No one can read everything that appears here at Not PC, so just in case you've been unable to keep up, here's what visitor numbers have suggested as being the most popular posts at Not PC this week.
  1. It's Islam Awareness Week, so let's be aware of Islam's barbarity.
    I hear that this week has been declared Islam Awareness Week, so let's sure that as many people as possible are aware that, as Lindsay Perigo said in a recent copy of Salient, Islam is "a stinking, stupid superstition"...

  2. Cactus is Wrong.
    Cactus Kate makes a point. Unfortunately it's 180 degrees wrong. There is no problem with housing affordability, she argues; the problem is not that houses are unaffordable because of land regulation and zoning, but simply that whiney people have eyes bigger than their incomes.

    Well, talk about avoiding the relevant evidence...

  3. Farming Tiger.
    Massey University zoologist/economist Brendan Moyle argues that China needs to lift the ban on the sale of tiger parts if it wants to stop poaching and prevent extinction. Moyle believes the Chinese Government should allow tiger farms to trade tiger parts so poachers are unable to sell them on the black market. Make poaching unprofitable, he says. "We have created a monopoly for these guys and people are dreaming if they think it is going to stop. We are making them rich and it is not helping the tigers. I can't see any other way around this."

    Makes perfect sense to me....

  4. Faster Than a Speeding Photon.
    Two German scientists say they have induced particles to travel faster than the speed of light. Expect to hear all sorts of bizarre stories about time travel as the news spreads, but if the scientists' claim is true and the speed of light has at last been breached, it overturns nearly a century of physics theory on which those bizarre stories are based...

  5. Youth Rates a Win for Activists.
    TVNZ reports the "agreement" to pay children working at supermarkets adult wages as a "win for supermarket youth." It isn't. It's a win for Laila Harre's union, and for Sue Bradford's activism. In fact for would-be "supermarket youth" trying to get their foot on the first ring of the employment ladder, this is nothing less than a disaster...

  6. Air New Zealand. Ian Wishart. Beat Up.
    Not the first time you've seen the words "beat up" and "Ian Wishart" in the same heading, and as long as idiots keep giving his stories enough rope by which they should be hung for stupidity, it won't be the last.

    Air New Zealand's now much publicised charter flight to Kuwait two-and-a-half months ago was never a secret, except it seems to Ian Wishart and his braindead readers. It was a flight with reporters and an ABC TV crew aboard, a charter about which flight industry journalists were well aware, and the flight and the charter itself was reported without adverse comment in airline trade journals--which was all the legs the story really had until the recent breathless beat up...

  7. Books.
    Books: I love 'em. Our apartment here is overrun with them, they pile up on shelves, on table, beside the bed; across, under and around my desk; around the kitchen, the bathroom and in every room but the switch cupboard. I love books, and there's not one in any of those piles I could do without.

    A while back I listed what (and whom) looms largest in my musical collection here at home, which has formed itself into similar piles, so perhaps it might be fun to do the same for the books that are stacked up around?

  8. Local Architecture Awards.
    Each time I open a local architecture magazine I'm hoping that this time there'll be something there to inspire me. Sadly, perusing this list of finalists, I'm once again disappointed. It seems to me that nearly Identikit decorated boxes are still the name of the game with local magazine architecture, but clearly not everyone agrees with me...

  9. Cue Card Libertarianism: Socialism.
    SOCIALISM: Socialism is just Communism without the courage of its convictions...

  10. Just Being Bob.
    The reviews I read of Bob Dylan's weekend shows in Wellington and Auckland were mostly pissy too-cool-to-move monologues full of jokes about zimmer frames, ageing baby-boomers and how disgusting it was to hear a geriatric rocker singingabout his sex life.

    Pathetic. These mostly juvenile reviews said more about the reviewers and their milieu than they did about the man and the artist they were reviewing...


  1. Of course you can - I mean, "read everything that appears [here] at Not PC."

  2. PC

    You have it wrong. Old age must be kicking in.

    That was LAST week...

  3. MY, you said, "Of course you can ... read everything that appears here at Not PC."

    Crikey! I certainly can't. How do you manage? ;^)

    Cactus, you said: "You have it wrong. Old age must be kicking in. That was LAST week..."

    I plead alcozheimers. I'd better start the appropriate treatment immediately...


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