Friday, 3 March 2006

Music to fill the hours with - and the home!

I've been filing again, or at least thinking about it. Filing my music collection to be precise. Have you ever noticed how when you're filing your records or CDs that those big lumps in your collection made up of people you really like tend to ruin your nicely-thought-out filing system? Or is it just me and mine.

Anyway, I've got an apartment full of music. Records, tapes, CDs - the place is swimming in 'em. Stuff of all types. I thought you might like to know what looms largest in the collection, so here they are in order of most to least, from all from all formats (incl. bootlegs and the like):
Lou Reed/Velvet Underground/John Cale (91), Richard Wagner (63), Bob Dylan (61), Duke Ellington (48), Ludwig van Beethoven (46), Mario Lanza (40), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (34), Guiseppe Verdi (31), Tom Waits (29), Giacomo Puccini (22), Beatles/Lennon/Harrison (21), Hello Sailor/Brazier/McCartney/Lyon (20), Sergei Rachmaninov - Nick Cave - Manic Street Preachers (all 18), Graham Parker - Christy Moore (16), Iggy Pop - Stranglers - Louis Armstrong - (15), Luciano Pavarotti (14), King Crimson/Robert Fripp (13), Rush - Toy Love/Tall Dwarves/Chris Knox (12), Anna Moffo - Miles Davis - Patti Smith (11), Nirvana - Eric Clapton - Leonard Cohen (10).
Hmmm. Perhaps it's time to get some saddled up and out the door.

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  1. Richard McGrath3 Mar 2006, 14:09:00

    I think you forgot to count the Eminem collection you hide under the mattress ~:)


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