Saturday, 11 August 2007


My regular weekend ramble has been stymied by Firefox losing my session with all the tabs ready to go. Bugger.

So instead, let's do books. I'll say this first: I love 'em. Our apartment here is overrun with them, they pile up on shelves, on table, beside the bed; across, under and around my desk; around the kitchen, the bathroom and in every room but the switch cupboard. I like books, and but there's not one in any of those piles I could do without.

A while back I listed what (and whom) looms largest in my musical collection here at home, which has formed itself into similar piles, so perhaps it might be fun to do the same for the books that are stacked up around? Here goes then, ranked in descending order based on whom they're on or by (plays tend to overstate themselves a little--I've excluded Shakespeare since he'd tend to skew the results), which gives a reasonably fair summary of my enthusiasms:

Ayn Rand, 33; Frank Lloyd Wright, 31; Robert Heinlein, 31; Anthony Burgess, 31; Robert B. Parker, 27; Graham Greene, 22; Maria Montessori, 21; Wagner, 21; Dick Francis, 19; Aristotle, 14; Terence Rattigan, 14; FD Roosevelt, 14; Chekhov, 12; Len Deighton, 12; PJ O'Rourke, 10; Lee Child, 10; PG Wodehouse, 9; David Lodge, 9; Herman Wouk, 9; Leonard Read, 9; Ludwig von Mises, 8; Victor Hugo, 8; Umberto Eco, 8; Raymond Chandler, 8; Paul Johnson, 7; Phillip Roth, 7; Ibsen, 7; Lou Reed, 7; Gerald Seymour, 7; Oscar Wilde, 7; Mark Twain, 7; Rothbard, 7; Tibor Machan, 6; Hemingway, 6; Jefferson, 6; Martin Cruz Smith, 6; Mickey Spillane, 6; Bernard Levin, 5; Duke Ellington, 5; Dickens 5; Tom Wolfe, 5; GB Shaw, 5; Euripides, 5; Churchill, 5; Michelangelo, 5; Daniel Silva, 5; Dickens 5; Winnie the Pooh, 5; Sven Hassell, 5; Rodin, 4; Edward Cline, 4; Dostoyevsky, 4; Douglas Adams, 4; Thomas Sowell, 4; Frank G. Slaughter, 4; Richard Brautigan, 4; Aristophanes, 4; Aldous Huxley, 4; Rembrandt, 4; Vermeer, 4; Ken Follett, 4; Stephen Fry, 4; Brian Aldiss, 4 . . .

So how about you and your enthusiasms? What figures highly in the piles around your house?


  1. When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.

    - Winnie The Pooh (author. Who knew? ;))

  2. Try the Session Manager extension, it can save all the tabs open on all or current window so you can open them later. Also has an undo close-tab feature which is handy.

  3. Hi Wasps,

    Yes, I have that and that's what I use to save pages for later viewing, but every now and then the damn thing throws a hissy fit and I lose all the sites that I had open.


    Hi SWS, I quite liked it that Winnie the Pooh and Sven Hassell ended up next to each other in the list. :-)

  4. Interesting bedfellows indeed.

    I had a look at my shelves.
    Near my Wodehouse and Greenes and Wildes - we overlap! - I found clusters of H.E. Bates and Tolkien and Forsyth.

    Any takers?

  5. Session Manager is just a piece of crap. It works sometimes, but as PC says, it's just unreliable.

    Unfortunately there's no reliable browser out there. I'm open for offers from VCs.

  6. I'm surprised your all using such a 'collectivist' web browser, should you not be using Internet Explorer? since it is a product of your beloved big business, and we all know big companies are successful because they have produced the best products. Surely nothing good can come from that flaming pinko communist free software movement! Shame on you!

    On the books, Ayn Rand & Robert Heinlein? your obviously a big fan of the fantasy genre!

  7. No Bukowski?

  8. Umberto Eco, Jorge Luis Borges, Tom Robbins, John Irving, and waaaaay too much Clive Barker to be admitted publicly.


  9. Booji Boy, on the browsers, you must remember that libertarians are concerned not with business but with freedom. That means that groups of people can do whatever they wish, including making fantastic free operating systems and browsers. That's all part of the Free Market, baby!

    And as far as Microsoft goes, they have been pretty quick to use the apparatus of big government to their advantage, with, for example, spurious patents designed to stop competitors. Libertarians don'
    t like that sort of behaviour very much.

  10. Booji Boy, perhaps *your* beloved socialists could teach you to correctly punctuate sometime soon?

    And to think the Education Dept denies the notion of orchestrated mass Dumbing-Down! Ha!


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