Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New house by Steve Kornher, San Miguel, Mexico

Images from Flying Concrete ferrocement houses.


  1. I just love ferrocement, and can't understand why it isn't more widely used.

  2. Me either. It's a fantastic material -- shame the bureaucrats don't like it.

  3. It looks like a space-ship, similar to a scene from the movie Cocoon.

  4. I think you've seen too many low-rent movies. ;-)

  5. That's brilliant, it's like being inside a skeleton. If I were an Osteopath (is that what you call it) that would be my surgery.

  6. Hi PC

    I haven’t commented before but always enjoy your architecture and art posts.

    This one is very cool. It reminds me of the architecture in the Dr Seuss books. And the stairs of M. C. Escher’s drawings.

    But it’s like a fantasy house. If I lived here I might stop noticing reality and start doing stuff like believing in God. ;-)


  7. Hate it. It reminds me of a creeper that needs cutting back all the time. Creepy.

    But then I recoiled from Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona on sight, too ...

  8. Sorry , this house looks like you are living in side an intestine.

  9. I knew it reminded me of something creepy and it's just struck me ...
    Devil's Snare, in Harry Potter-land.


  10. I wouldn't want to live in it--it would be like a funny answering phone message--once the novelty wears off it just drive you crazy.

    I do think there is a Dali influence, which is very cool.


  11. Steve got his start working in cement working for a stone mason in the high Rocky Mountains. He is a NATURAL! Mother Earth News was his favorite reading material. That house in the Pinery is still standing strong!


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