Monday, 11 June 2007

Sad news about Augie Auer

Just heard the sad news on Newstalk ZB that meteorologist Augie Auer has died. Terry Dunleavy reports that Augie looked forward to living long enough to see the global warming scam thoroughly disgraced, and in the week NIWA admitted they get their forecasts right only half the time [pdf] ...

UPDATE 1: Tribute to Augie from Lindsay Perigo:
The erudite, jovial Augie Auer, meteorology professor-turned-TV-weather-presenter has died. Latterly he achieved notoriety as a debunker of the current Global Warming bullshit, to the embarrassment of his employer, TV3, who are fulltime proselytisers for said bullshit. Augie featured in the last Free Radical. His death is a sad loss for reason, science and life-loving.
UPDATE 2: More tributes at Stuff.


  1. I just heard it too. What a sad and untimely loss. Such a personable character. And an important voice.

  2. Bugger

    A thoroughly decent and knowlegible bloke


  3. That's terribly sad. Apparently he died jointly celebrating his birthday and wedding anniversary.

    His views on climate change were pretty different from my own, but he was a very colourful guy - the global warming debate will be all the drier and more staid with his loss. RIP.


  4. Eddie visits occasionally11 Jun 2007, 20:43:00

    My condolences go out to his family. I heard Augie a few months back on ZB fielding calls from listeners about climate science, and while I didn't agree with his views, I appreciated his ability to effectively communicate this difficult subject to people who knew little about it.

  5. The Climate Science Coalition as well as TV3 viewers will be saddened by his passing. Such a bright weather man as well as a very intelligent individual.


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