Friday, 26 January 2007

Answering the Stern gang on global warming

A new report answering one of the warmists' favourite friends is now online.

The Blair Government's 'Stern Review on the Economic Effects of Climate Change' was released in October last year to great fanfare, following which Sir Nicholas was briefly flavour of the months for warmists everywhere -- economic consequences "worse than the Great Depression" shouted the Report; "the economic effects could be as dire as the last two world wars," burbled Helen Clark; The Guardian meanwhile described the author of the report Sir Nicholas Stern as "the first climate change rock star" -- after which fanfare, Gordon Brown invited Sir Nicholas Stern to spend more time with his family.

Bjorn Lomborg, George Reisman and Christopher Monckton were among those who issued significant criticisms of the Stern Report. And now, a substantive report in answer to the Stern Gang has been authored by a team of skeptic scientists and economists, and published in the Journal of World Economics. The team includes Climate Science Coalition scientists Chris de Freitas and Bob Carter, and prominent American skeptic Richard Lindzen. Concludes the report:
Two distinct aspects are relevant here. First, there is the question of whether it can indeed be said, as the Review asserts in its opening sentence, that
The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change presents very
serious global risks, and it demands an urgent global response.
Second, there is the related issue of how far the Stern Review, in the sections that it devotes to them, gives an accurate account of the scientific issues. We consider that the Review is doubly deficient. The scientific evidence for dangerous change is, in fact, far from overwhelming, and the Review presents a picture of the scientific debate that is neither accurate nor objective.... Overall, our conclusion is that the Review is flawed to a degree that makes it unsuitable, if not unwise, for use in setting policy.
The whole 60-page report can be found here. [PDF]

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  1. Thanks for those links, Peter. I am going to read them all later when I have the time to relax and read (I find reading to be very relaxing, provided it is a good book/essay/whatever I am reading).


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