Friday, 26 January 2007

Sounds awful

What's the worst sound in the world? British acoustic engineer Trevor Cox reckons he has a good idea.
People being sick, squeaky see-saws and screaming babies have been voted some of the worst sounds in the world. Over the past year, more than a million people have been voting on the noises that drive them nuts so researchers can work out what makes them so annoying. People being sick topped the list, with violins being played badly and whoopee cushions also making the top 10. But for kids under the age of 10, the world's worst sound was the dreaded sound of the dentist's drill. Eurgh! [Source: CBBC Newsround]
For me, the worst sound in the world is of a clip-board wielding bureaucrat on the doorstep saying, "I'm from the Government; I'm here to help" -- but I guess that's a different quality of sound, right? Anyway, find out for yourself at Cox's website which sounds you dislike. The Guardian has more.

LINKS: Sick and babies are worst sounds - CBBC Newsround
World's worst sound? - The Guardian
Bad vibes - Sounds101 Research Website

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