Friday, 15 December 2006

Stern's new report: More time with the family

A double whammy this week for promoters of global warming doom.

First, we got a sneak preview of the forthcoming fourth IPCC report, from which all policy is taken, concludes that "Mankind has had less effect on global warming than previously supposed," and further revises possible sea-level rise projections down by half, down to 17 inches by 2100 -- not 20 feet, Mr Gore!

And remember the much-trumpeted Stern Report in October, a report commissioned by the Blair Government that predicted disaster for everyone if something isn't done now? Economic consequences "worse than the Great Depression"! "The economic effects could be as dire as the last two world wars," said Helen Clark! The Guardian described the author of the report Sir Nicholas Stern as "the first climate change rock star."

Now? Alas, Sir Nick, your fifteen minutes is up. If Sir Nick was a "rock star" riding high in the charts in October, now December is here he's looking more like this year's Milli Vannilli: he's quietly leaving The Treasury without even a Lordship to his name after friends said that he was" frozen out" of Gordon Brown’s inner circle. Notes The Sydney Morning Herald,
The news came a day after Mr Brown made a pre-budget statement that embraced virtually none of the recommendations of the Stern report, and dashed hopes the Blair Government would move swiftly to a new environmental agenda..
Is anyone in either the Clark Government or the National pseudo-opposition listening? Anyone? While you wait for anyone here to wake up, perhaps you can laugh at doom-mongering with this South Park clip on You Tube.

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  1. There is a good YouTube video here by some climate scientists.

    The comment by one scientist is absolutely correct. To do a satisfactory simulations run, the computer model needs about 5 millions different variables for a run that perhaps will dwarf the clusters of super-computers that Google are using for high speed number-crunching searches. At this stage, those variables (primary & secondary) are not yet inclusive in todays models.


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