Friday, 26 January 2007

Berrymans' lawyer faces court on contempt

I'm told that the lawyer for Keith and Margaret Berryman, Dr Rob Moodie, himself faces two days in the Wellington High Court at the end of January over the issue of contempt, in relation to his release of the Butcher Report. I wish Dr Moodie well. More details at a supporter's website.

You can find background on how action by successive governments has done over the Berrymans at the supporter's website, and in my own posts on the subject.

LINK: NZ Army-built bridge disaster - Supporter's website

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  1. "Contempt of court" charges = violation of free speech.

    Besides what if the court makes a non-objective decision? If they do that contempt is the only valid response.

  2. The only valid emotional response that is.

  3. Don't you mean Miss Alice?

  4. It's interesting to compare the D.O.C Cave Creek viewing platform collapse and The Berrymans and their bridge collapse.

    For some reason the authorities reacted differently to each case.


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