Thursday, 14 December 2006

Futuna Chapel, Wellington: Event this weekend

I've blogged before about John Scott's Futuna Chapel as one of my favourite New Zealand buildings, and this weekend you can visit and look around almost as much as you like: the Friends of Futuna have an open weekend including videos, stories and a 'haunting' -- and also a talk from Nick Blake on the architecture of the chapel at 8:30 each evening. [Hat tip Idiot/Savant]

If I were in Wellington, I'd sure as hell be getting along there.
When: Friday December 15th - Sunday December 17th, 10am - 10pm
Where: Futuna Chapel, 62 Friend Street, Karori
How much: Free!
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  1. I'll be there... Futuna is just down the road from my grandparents place, and I have watched in horror as the larger grounds around it were sold, and a retirement home sprung up around it. Travesty.


  2. Den MT: So how did this go, Den?

  3. Never made it unfortunately. The whole weekend was taken up with entertaining my girlfriend's jet-lagged family and I didn't get to sneak away.

    I would have though Tom Beard might have posted on it? I'll have a look... It is a shame though...


  4. Oh, bugger.

    I did look, but I think Tom was exploring mystery bars instead.


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