Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Telecom broken into again

Telecom ordered to open up lines

Taking top prize amongst all the lunacy:
"The Maori Party was unhappy that the bill did not ensure Maori gained part of the telecommunications sector which it was entitled to under the Treaty of Waitangi."
Why would you invest in telco infrastructure in NZ? Or anything, where through the wilful uncompetitiveness of your competitors, your investment may be nationalised de facto?

[Thanks to Andrew B. for this post.]

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  1. Where in the Treaty does it state that Maori shall be entitled to burgle a share in future inventions?

  2. Maori Party Marxism is palpable, but the Nats supported this - words cannot describe how disgusting THAT is.

  3. Maori Party Marxism is palpable, but the Nats supported this - words cannot describe how disgusting THAT is.

    .....and the fact hardly anyones surprised is even more depressing. :-(

  4. I suggest that Dr. Sharple and colleagues can have that horse, in which an australian female committed bestiality with, all for themselves (Maori Party). They can do whatever they like with that horse, since it might be in the treaty of waitangi to share such animal.

  5. Fala, I'm beginning to detect a rather unhealthy obsession here ...

  6. As I said on my blog, Telecom were viciously assaulted! Clearly Labour has no concept of property rights. Put then we already knew that didn't we?

    To quote myself:

    This is just one of many examples of the result of the facist rule this country is under. We live in a banana republic. Think about it. If they can do this what else can they do? Will they unbundle Trade Me? They have an even bigger monopoly than Telecom. Will they unbundle our houses? If they can do this they can do anything at all.


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