Monday, 5 June 2006

Popular Not PC

Top ten popular posts here at present, just so you know:
  1. Super 14: Genius
  2. Bernini - Ecstacy of St Teresa
  3. Beer O'Clock: Monk's Habit
  4. CO2: They call it pollution
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright - Broadacre City
  6. Ms A Presley gets community service
  7. Annette Presley: Face of threats
  8. Cullen's a grumpy little thief this week
  9. Beer O'Clock: A Moa that's not endangered at all
  10. How postmodernism gutted the left
And the top few searches:
  1. peter cresswell
  2. not pc
  3. the living city frank lloyd
  4. tim wikiriwhi
  5. broadacre city
  6. bernini sculpture the ecstacy of st teresa
  7. presley tree auckland fine
  8. when did the industrial revolution start
  9. mark inglis
  10. ah chee house nz
  11. belgian show no balls
  12. hitchens fry debate
  13. samoan/niuean girl pics
  14. clitorectomies sterility
  15. evening fall of day rimmer
  16. classic sex
  17. reith lectures mp3
Yep, just a couple of oddities there, to which you can add "gay pc signs""lucy lawless exposed breast," "inflamed testicles," "rape can be funny" and "online weirdos," which also pretty much expains about half the searches that land here.

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