Friday, 2 June 2006

Cullen's a grumpy little thief this week

A few of you have sent me the latest evidence that the megalomania of Lord Cullen of Michael is beginning to bite. In short, he's lost it, he's nasty, and -- even better -- you can see the evidence for yourself right here in a TV interview on tax cuts. [Click the link and go to 'Cullen attacks press over tax cuts']

Where does the desire for tax cuts come from according to Michael? Why, it's a "personal issue, that is driven by the press gallery" who just want a raise. What about the survey showing the majority of New Zealanders want tax cuts? "It's biased too," says Michael, who's beginning to resemble nothing so much as a child having a tantrum because he wants to keep all the cake for himself.

As one friend said who sent me the link, "See it now before TV1 get a ring from the Politburo."

UPDATE: Another friend made a useful comment. When people in the real world make mistakes or find their whole approach to something not working, they re-evaluate what they're doing. Not politicians. When a politican finds they've stuffed up, when for instance they read studies on illiteracy that show their policies aren't working, or they view surveys showing people are slowly but surely realising they're being stolen from and want some of it back, then what a politician does is spin. And shout. And start to lose the head. Which might be a sign that it's time for them to try the real world again.

LINKS: Cullen attacks press over tax cuts - TVNZ

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  1. Richard McGrath2 Jun 2006, 12:58:00

    A classic case of shooting the messenger! Cullen is obviously under enormous pressure; perhaps his boss has been getting at him too. Always thought he was a nasty envious little socialist from the "we won, you lost, eat that" utterance he made just after Labour won in 1999.

  2. You'd think it was his own money the way he was keeping hold of it. Give it back to those who rightfully earned it for goodness sake!

  3. What do you mean? It is his money. He stole it fair and square! Anyone'd think you had something against good honest theft.


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