Saturday, 11 June 2005

The blasphemy debate - Hitchens v Fry

The well-read and witty Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens entertainingly debate blasphemy, religious freedom, multiculturalism and hate speech, and whether or why there should be limits on speech and offensive behaviour. A bit too much agreement for a genuine debate, but there you go. The site is here, along with a number of other fascinating debates from the Hay Festival, including whether "history will be kinder to Bush and Blair than to Chirac and Schroeder."
[Hat tip SOLO.]


  1. They're a bit bloody waffly though, aren't they?! Haven't they heard of cutting to the chase?

    I'm sure they eventually made some good points (or in fact any points at all!), but after 5/10 mins I'm afraid I gave up.

  2. Waffly? That's learning Jonathan. Erudition. Thought. See, you youngsters just have no bloody patience. Stephen Fry's tribute to humanity to wrap the thing up was just superb -- as was CH's put-down of a threatening questioner earlier on. Don't miss the last five minutes, it's wonderful.


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