Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Red Green is new co-leader person-person

The Greens have a new co-person-leaderette, the red Russel Norman (he's the ginga on the left with rival candidate Nandor). LibertyScott has an analysis of Norman's vapid acceptance speech.

If bland luddite blathering is your thing, then Russel will be your cup of herb tea. That it's been voted in as the Green thing makes clearer than anything else could how intellectually ghetto-ised the party is keen to make itself.

If you haven't already, read Trevor Loudon's various posts on Russel's background to see why the Greens are called watermelons.

UPDATE: Trevor has provided a convenient summary of all his Norman-related posts right here.

LINK: Russel Norman, ecologically, economically vapid - LibertyScott

Green Party Insider on Extreme Left Take-over - New Zeal (Trevor Loudon)
Fisking Russel Norman- New Zeal (Trevor Loudon)

"Russel Norman" at New Zeal
Reds taking over Green Party?
- New Zeal (Trevor Loudon)

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  1. I find it ironic that a supporter of what may well be the country's most intellectually improverished party, the Libertarians, could claim, with a straight face, that the Green's are intellectually-ghetto-sing themselves.

  2. Ha! Come on Russel ... there's no need for anonymity between comrades! :)

  3. An anonymous Green supporter who no doubt supports the intellectual vapidity that says fruit juice is better for your teeth than soft drinks.

  4. I would hardly vote 'Green;' they are only marginally better than the Ayn Rand worshippers.


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