Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Google searches

Top search terms landing here recently:

new zealand climate science coalition (12th)
broadacre city (7th)
who design the burj al arab atkins (3rd)
frank lloyd wright broadacre city (2nd)
villa ruffolo (2nd)
more aid less growth (2nd on Yahoo)
climate science coalition
architect, victa horta (4th)
picture of the ecstasy of st. teresa by bernini (1st on Yahoo)
robert harvey oshatz great buildings online (1st)
auer explains why he backs climate science coalition (1st)
bernard levin free speech bastards (3rd)
education liberal conservative
god creating the sun sistine ceiling (1st on Yahoo)
addio kira (6th)
mile high tower (9th)
robert winefield (9th)
canada graham kelly asians stripping our foreshore beds (2nd)
pictures of psyche trying to kill cupid (10th on MSN)
peter rabbit tank killer story (7th)
term paper on tibor machans view of freedom (1st)
amanda upham (2nd)
watties tomato
paper or comment about andrew wyeth painting christina's world (1st on Yahoo)
mies reichsbank image (16th)

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  1. Robert Winefield3 May 2006, 17:48:00

    Bloody Hell! I'm the ninth most searched for item? Help they're after me!!!

  2. HOHOHO its only your poor old mother and father keeping track of you!!!


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